5th International Conference of Community Psychology

Sep 05th - All Day

The 5th International Conference on Community Psychology (CIPC) from September 3rd to 6th, 2014, Fortaleza – Ceará, Brazil

We are pleased to invite teachers, researchers, students, practitioners, participants and members of social and community movements for the5th International Conference on Community Psychology (CIPC), an event that will take place from September 3rd to 6th, 2014, in Fortaleza – Ceará.

The 5th International Conference of Community Psychology has as its main purpose the analysis of the Community Psychology in the current world from its challenges, limits and practices. It also claims to create spaces for questioning and reflection about the paths of Community Psychology in the recent years, knowing that the global, social, economic, environmental and politics transformations have deeply affected their theorizing and praxis.

Aiming to encourage and contribute to the scientific literature in Community Psychology in order to strengthen a contextualized praxis with the issues that persist in the world today. Here follow some of these main issues: How is our reality today? Which are the theoretical concepts and practices that involve its praxis? What is in fact its subject, its goal and its method? Which are the spaces that take place this liberating praxis? How the globalization and the new social, economic and environmental factors may affect the formation and praxis of the Community Psychology? What is the relationship between the Community Psychology and the environmental, ecological and planetary problems? How Community Psychology can contribute to think about some of the biggest problems facing humanity in the twenty first century, such as extreme poverty, media manipulation (lack of information, distortions, encouragement of the fear culture) and the wars and its damages to humanity? These are the questions present in the structural axes of the proposed theme for the 5th Conference and they will be very important to a good comprehension of the Community Psychology in the world today.

We invite you all to come and participate in the 5th CIPC and enjoy the beauty and the scenery of Fortaleza, in addition to the Ceará’s People hospitality.

For more information, go to http://www.5cipc2014.org/