International Conference on Community Psychology

Global Dialogues on Critical Knowledges, Liberation and Community


The Community on the Move: Building Spaces of Diversity, Coexistence and Change

Santiago de Chile, October 5, 6 and 7, 2018

Conference Website

The conference is being hosted by by the Chilean Society of Community Psychology and a network of academic teams from 16 Chilean universities. For more information about the conference visit the conference website via the link above. 

The International Conference on Community Psychology (ICCP) has traveled across several continents, including: North, Central and South America, Africa and Europe, affording diverse interactions and dialogues between participants from around 50 countries.

2018 International Conference on Community Psychology

Welcome Letter from the ICCP Chair, Jaime Alfaro


In the 7th ICCP now to occur in Chile in 2018, we aim to expand the trajectory of discussions and learning by promoting the exchange of ideas and debate on participation and organizational power of current communities in the generation of spaces for coexistence, solidarity and integration that promote respect for diversity, transformations and change, as much in regards to structural change as in social dynamics and contents.

Main Themes or "Axes"  

  • Training and research associated with professional practice
  • Public policies, community intervention and action
  • Community perspectives of social cohesion and social justice
  • Methodologies and practices of community / collective action and multidisciplinary work
  • Social subjects and movements, governance and citizenship
  • Environmental conflict and socio-­‐environmental catastrophes, responses from the community

This 7th ICCP is being organized by the Chilean Society of Community Psychology and a network of 16 Chilean universities, which is evidence of the wide development of the national community psychology throughout the past decade, standing out for the growing recognition of the field of work as well as in the areas of: university training (pre and postgraduate), research, training, intervention and community action. Holding this conference in Chile fills us with enthusiasm, since it will allow us to both contribute to the development of the discipline and to take a step further in the significant process that is the international conference of Community Psychology, as well as take a relevant step in the formation of Chile.

Call for Proposals

Work should be framed in the 6 thematic axes defined for this conference.

First Call: Proposals Due by November 1st, 2017

Reply to authors: January 5th, 2018

Second Call: Proposals Due by January 8th, 2018

Reply to authors: April 13th, 2018


Registration for the conference will be open from November 1st, 2017 - October 1st, 2018. Discounted rates are available for those who register early. Click on "Registration" above for more information about pricing and how to register.

About Santiago de Chile 


Santiago de Chile is the capital city of the country and has a significant network of international flights, centralized at the Arturo Merino Benítez Airport. Chile has reliable and accommodating hotels and services, guarantying a comfortable stay. The University of Chile is centrally located in the city, with easy access from public transport and from the diverse networks of services, touristic sites, and hotels.

With deepest sincerity, we hope that you will join us and we cordially invite you to participate in this exciting conference.

Organizing Committee

7th International Conference of Community Psychology, Chile 2018