Online Events

SCRA also offers a number of online events, including webinars, Twitter chats, and other interactive live events online. Please see below for more information.


SCRA runs a series of webinars on topics relevant to community psychology and related disciplines. Take a look at previous webinars we have run, including recordings of those live online events.

Upcoming SCRA Webinar Events

February 22, 2018 @ 3:30pm - 5:00pm Central time: Promoting Meaningful Reflections about Race, Inclusion and Equity in Learnings Environments

Twitter chats

Another feature of SCRA's online offerings is Twitter chats on topics of current interested in the field.

To gain background on using Twitter and participating in Twitter chats, please read the article "Twitter as a Tool for Social Change" (downloadable PDF file).

Past Twitter chat events:

Stay tuned to this page as SCRA further expands its offerings of live online events!