CANCELED- Community Research and Action in the West (CRA-W) Conference

Deconstructing Coloniality/Creating Decoloniality in Community Psychology


Message from the organizers:

To those hoping to attend the CRA-West Conference,

We are saddened to announce that it is not possible for Pacifica Graduate Institute to host this annual conference, January 27-28. As you know, in December Santa Barbara experienced the largest wildfire in California history. This left our mountains barren. When the rains came, a natural disaster ensued in the town of Montecito where our campus is. Twenty people have died in unprecedented flooding and hundreds of houses have been destroyed or damaged. Presently there is no potable water, electricity, or internet in many parts of Montecito. In addition, the main artery to Santa Barbara, the 101, is closed indefinitely. On January 11th, the area of both our campuses, in Montecito and Carpinteria, was placed on a one to two-week mandatory evacuation for search, rescue, and recovery operations. The Army Corps of Engineers is working furiously with over 100 heavy trucks to clear creek beds filled with wreaked cars and houses before the next rain, expected in a week. We are grateful that our campuses have not sustained damage and look forward to recovery and are at the same time mourning the losses and injuries to our neighbors.

We are working with the CRA-West Steering Committee to determine the next steps regarding a conference. If you have already registered, Pacifica will be in touch with you to refund your paid fees. If you already booked your flight,  contact the airlines to ask for a refund due to fires/floods.

We appreciate the fine proposals for this conference and are so disappointed to have to cancel or postpone it. Thank you for your understanding.

In solidarity,
Mary Watkins and Nuria Ciofalo


About the Conference

Community Research and Action in the West (CRA-W) and Psychologists for Social Responsibility in the West (PsySR-W) Conference

January 27-28, 2018

Hosted by the Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology, and Ecopsychology Specialization

Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

Decoloniality is a necessarily ongoing project that should take place in multiple localities--attentive to local colonial and neoliberal histories and realities, struggles of resistance and cultural resilience, and the assets and needs of communities and their members. Critical and committed community psychologists need to understand and deconstruct coloniality and its impact on theory and practices that represent hegemonic regimes of truth. How do we center epistemologies and ontologies that have been silenced in the academy, such as those of Indigenous Psychologies of the Global South that emerge from multiple localities and are based on paradigms that are discordant with US-Eurocentric social sciences? How do we eliminate the promotion and maintenance of paradigms that desecrate   the environment and manufacture racism, sexism and structural violence? This conference invites students, committed community psychologists, scholars of related disciplines and areas in   psychology, practitioners, advocates, activists, policymakers, and communities to gather and create answers to these important questions. We will share, imagine, dream, and co-construct ways to  facilitate emergent decolonial praxes.