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SCRA Developing a New Website at! 

Hello everyone,

We would like to get some feedback on the design of the new website. This website is intended to present the field of community psychology to a public audience.

Here is how the website will work:

  • Most of the content on the website will be short pieces, written for a general audience, presenting some aspect of community psychology theory, research, or practice. The pieces will link to or cite primary sources that will provide interested readers with more in-depth information. 
  • Every piece will receive multiple tags. Some tags (the majority) will identify the piece as being related to a specific issue, such as homelessness or sense of community. Pieces can have multiple issue tags.
  • Pieces can also be tagged as "Research", "Practice" or other tags that indicate the basic type of information being presented. 
  • We will also have a blog, which members of SCRA who already blog about community psychology can contribute to. These pieces will have the tag "Blog" along with any other relevant tags. 
  • The tabs along the top of the home page will be About, Issues, Research, Practice, Resources, and Blog. 
  • The Issues tab will have a drop-down navigation matrix that will allow visitors to clearly see what topics are addressed on the site. 
  • When a visitor clicks on any of those tabs, or any of the topics in the Issues drop-down matrix, they will go to a page that has a brief introductory statement and then a list of the search results including every piece of content that has that tag. So, for example, if a piece of content is describing a recent article from the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice on refugee resettlement programs in Canada, that content would show up on the Practice tab, the Research tab, and under Refugees in the drop-down matrix of the Issues tab. It could potentially also show up in other places depending upon the tabs the authors deem appropriate. 
  • There will also be a "Featured" tag which used to select pieces that will be featured on the home page. 

While that may all sound complicated, we believe the website navigation will feel very intuitive to visitors. 

We would like your input on the proposed design for the website. You can see static copies of the proposed design via the links below. Please remember that these are static pages, not live, and you may need to adjust your browser width to fit the images. 

Please send your feedback about the design to

A static copy of the home page of the site can be seen here:

Home Page

A static copy of the home page showing the drop down navigation matrix under the Issues tab can be seen here: 

Home Page with Issues matrix

A static copy of a secondary Issues page can be seen here. When it goes live every piece of content with the relevant issue tag (in this case "Childhood Education") will be listed on this page. 

Secondary Page


Ashley Simons-Rudolph is currently working with SCRA members to develop content for the site. If you would like to develop a piece, please email her.