SCRA Outreach and Communications Specialist Position

Mar 21, 2017

The Outreach and Communications Specialist will promote the work of the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) and its members to persons outside of the association.   This will involve coordination of the public presentation of SCRA and dissemination of SCRA resources to persons and organizations who may not be familiar with it or the work of its members.  The person in this position will help raise visibility of work by SCRA members and cultivate SCRA’s social media presence in the field.  Communication will include press releases, e-newsletters, webinars, videos, and social media.  Although the primary role of this position is to make SCRA material and resources more accessible for persons outside of the field, this person will work with SCRA initiatives to communicate effectively with SCRA members. The Outreach and Communications Specialist will serve as a catalyst for bringing SCRA resources to greater public attention.

This position will report to the SCRA Administrative Director, work closely with SCRA leadership (e.g., Secretary, President), and work on specific projects with leaders of SCRA committees, councils, and interest groups.  

Job Description

To manage communications media and distribution of SCRA resources to persons or groups outside of SCRA, and where appropriate, within SCRA. The position relies heavily upon soliciting and mentoring the work of volunteers. The general goals of the position are to: 

  • Develop content for a new website with the goal of ensuring that “ will be recognized as the leading web search destination for information about, and connections to, community psychology.”
  • Develop an e-newsletter with an expanding distribution list that will drive traffic to the website
  • Build the capacity of SCRA and its members to effectively communicate about their work with a broad, public audience through multiple mediums

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Take primary responsibility for generating ongoing content for the Community Psychology e-newsletter and website.
    • Work with SCRA members to translate their community psychology research and practice publications into a form accessible to and engaging for a broad audience, including providing editing and proofreading support.
    • Plan, write, and prepare other articles for the e-newsletter and website. This may include conducting interviews or working with SCRA groups and members to publicize their work.
    • Routinely scan the web presence of other relevant organizations for content appropriate for the e-newsletter and website.
    • Under the direction of the editors of The Community Psychologist, publish issues of the e-newsletter on a regular basis.
    • Coordinate the dissemination of the e-newsletter, including updating contact lists, and tracking readership.
  • Take primary responsibility for maintaining the Community Psychology website.
    • Ensure that all articles included in the e-newsletter are posted on the Community Psychology website in a visibly engaging and easily searchable manner.
    • Work with SCRA members and groups to generate additional content for the website, including blogs, videos, and opportunities for discussion.
  • Take primary responsibility for distributing outreach content for SCRA.
    • In addition to the e-newsletter and website, maintain the SCRA twitter account, Facebook pages, and YouTube channel.
    • Manage the annual SCRA Video Contest.
    • Work with SCRA members and groups to support them disseminating their work.
  • Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of outreach and communication activities, member participation, and use of resources
    • Conduct activity evaluations in concert with the SCRA Administrative Director and Executive Committee.
    • Measure and present results of SCRA’s communications efforts, including tracking distribution patterns, readership or web presence as appropriate.
    • Make adjustments in any of the above as necessary.


  • Ability to initiate, facilitate, and coordinate external and internal communications of a 1,500-member national organization
  • Experience writing and editing for a range of audiences and formats, including experience translating specialized research into an accessible format for the public
  • Familiarity with community psychology, community-based research and social action
  • Expertise and facility using social media technology
  • Project management skills and good record of working with various team members to accomplish common objectives
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Consistent monitoring and dissemination of communication material (e.g., several times a week)
  • Ability to work under deadline pressure
  • Familiarity with online analytic tools to evaluate reach and effectiveness of outreach communication activities (e.g., search engine optimization requirements)


Master’s degree or equivalent years of work experience in outreach and communications. Degree in psychology, journalism, communications, marketing or a related field preferred.

Terms of Position

The SCRA Outreach and Communications Specialist will begin with an initial 4-month trial period with the expectation of extending that period to a full year.  Our intention is to create a relationship that is an on-going, renewable position. This is a consulting position with no benefits attached.

The position will be for up to 15 hours per week with competitive pay based on experience (pay range starting at $25 per hour).

The SCRA Outreach and Communications Specialist will report directly to the SCRA Administrative Director who will consult the SCRA Presidential Stream on work performance and terms of the contract.

Application Procedures

Send electronic copies of a letter of interest, resume, a writing sample applicable to the description of this position, and at least two letters of reference to Jean Hill at Review of applications will begin on April 1st and will continue until the position is filled.

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