Research Associate position available in Columbia, SC

Apr 11, 2017

Please see job description below and contact Elaine Miller with questions.

 The USC School Behavioral Health Team (SBHT), directed by Dr. Mark Weist, is recruiting a research associate to support two projects: one which involves the delivery of evidence-based mental health services in economically disadvantaged schools in eastern SC, with the second focusing on evaluation of the Interconnected Systems Framework and its impact on improving school safety and outcomes of youth. The research associate will support both projects with evaluation efforts including database management, analysis, and dissemination efforts with community stakeholders and policy and funding leaders. At least a masters degree in a mental health, special education or general education discipline is required and post-doctoral fellowship candidates are welcome. This position will be based in Columbia, SC with some travel required. Online application can be found at; requisition number 011613. Contact Elaine Miller for additional inquiries. 

Elaine Miller, MAT

University of South Carolina

Department of Psychology

Hamilton College, Room 355

Columbia, SC 29208


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