News in Community Psychology & Allied Fields

Below you will find summaries of news, articles and other information related to community psychology and allied or related fields of community work.

Roundup: Recent news on the refugee and immigrant crisis

As the global refugee and migrant crisis continues, in particular the plight of Syrian refugees, there have been a number of developments around the world in recent weeks, ranging from removal of migrants, to new perspectives on accepting U.S. refugees, to continued efforts to block immigration out of fears of terrorism. Here’s a roundup of recent news on the crisis, as it reflects the various impacts on communities and their struggles. Read more

Countering Violent Extremism programs give rise to civil liberties concerns

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has begun offering grants for NGOs to develop programs in Countering Violent Extremism to detect and deter radicalized individuals intending violence. But similar programs elsewhere have drawn civil liberties concerns that their broadly defined predictors can easily lead to programs targeting free speech and behavior that are not illegal or indicators of potential violence. Read more

U.S. Department of Justice to phase out use of some private prisons

Officials for the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on August 18, 2016, that the use of private prisons managed under the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) will be phased out in light of reports suggesting that private detention facilities are less effective and more harmful than publicly funded facilities. Read more

Community Psychology and Public Policy: Research, Advocacy and Training in International Contexts

Community psychology reaches across the globe. An outgrowth of an International Community Psychology Conference held in Brazil, the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice this year published a special issue on “Community Psychology and Public Policy: Research, Advocacy and Training in International Contexts.” The issue includes a wealth of diverse articles, from around the world, on policy changes or proposals pertaining to many social issues. Read more