SCRA Video Contest

Many of the videos featured here were submitted to the annual SCRA video contest. The current contest has ended. The next contest will be announced soon. 

Videos can be submitted to the contest by posting the video to YouTube or Vimeo, then filling out an application and emailing it to Access the video contest application and flyer via the links on the left below. There are cash prizes for the winners!

For more information download the documents below. If you have questions please email

Video Contest Things to Know! SCRA Video Contest Flyer 2015 SCRA Video Contest Application 2015

Steps video creators can take to increase video views

Under the Basic Information Tab:

1. Title.

2a. Description: Make sure the "video focus/topic/problem addressed" as listed on the video contest application is consistent with what is posted with the video on YouTube.

2b. Description another recommendation: Add links (to your webpage and/or your department?). Links help increase traffic.

3. Add the "search terms" or "keywords" to the YouTube post that you listed on your application in the TAGS area on YouTube.

4. Make sure it is a public video.

5. Choose a listing category, examples include education; nonprofits & activism; film & animation; how to; news & politics; science & technology.

Under the Advanced Settings Tab:

1. Allow comments: "Approved" or "All" based on your judgment.

2. Yes, allow users to vote.

3. Yes, allow users to view ratings.

4. License: Double-check your own preferences for YouTube or Creative Commons license.

5. Location: Make sure to add this.

6. Date: Make sure to add this.

7. Yes, allow video stats to be visible.

Closed captioning tab:

1. Try the 'transcribe and sync' or 'upload a file' to insure access to your video by hearing impaired persons.