A Newly-established Ph.D. Program in Applied Psychology & Prevention Science (APPS)

Jan 09, 2015

Dear Colleagues,
The Department of Psychology at UMass Lowell is pleased to announce a newly-established Ph.D. program in Applied Psychology & Prevention Science (APPS). We are looking for talented students with a Masters degree in Psychology or a related field  APPS is designed to train students and current practitioners who seek advanced education in the application of psychological theories and methods to address real-world problems, as well as to promote optimal quality of life outcomes.  APPS emphasize three areas of study:
Applied Cognitive Psychology,
Applied Developmental Psychology, and
Community and Applied Social Psychology.

An applied psychological approach that emphasizes the importance of preventing problems and promoting positive behavior in these areas builds on expertise of our faculty, enriches students’ understanding of the importance of prevention, expands involvement with communities, enhances research skills, and provides the skill and knowledge essential for students’ future career success.
The Applied Cognitive Psychology option is designed to teach our graduate students how to address real-world issues.  Students will be trained to develop evidence-based reforms rooted in a rigorous study of cognitive processes.  Such reforms can be applied to confront problems in the domains of education, law, health, and business.  Ongoing research in the department explores how to improve the accuracy of both memory performance and meta-cognitive judgments to help students choose optimal study strategies and help legal actors assess eyewitness reliability.  Other faculty study health campaign design, the relationship between language and cognition, memory for trauma, and/or issues that face individuals making decisions within the criminal justice system.
The Community and Applied Social Psychology option is designed to train students to research and analyze the complex relationships between individual, family, and community well-being and the broader socioeconomic, physical, cultural, and geographic environment. This option will produce graduates with the analytic, creative, and practical skills needed to design and implement programs and services that will facilitate positive changes within and across communities. A number of members of our department specialize in issues facing immigrants, psychology and the law, peace and conflict issues both nationally and internationally, positive aging, intersectionality of marginalized identities, diversity issues in the workplace, participatory action research, and prevention of gender-based violence.
The Applied Developmental Psychology option will train our graduates to conduct research on typical and atypical challenges across the lifespan.  Faculty areas of research include neuropsychology, psychophysiology, and autism spectrum disorders (ASD), child maltreatment, and the development of language, especially the ability to tell narratives of personal experiences. Other faculty address issues of family and parent-child relationships, child eyewitness testimony, and aging and social gerontology.
Program Objectives
The doctoral degree in Applied Psychology & Prevention Science at UMass Lowell is a psychology-based, research-oriented degree. The program is designed to provide a theoretically grounded and methodologically sophisticated education, and will train students and working professionals in the application of psychological knowledge for improving overall health and wellness at multiple levels, including health promotion and disease prevention.  The curriculum of the APPS PhD program is geared toward mastering advanced techniques in methodology and data analysis through study, research, and experiential learning opportunities. Graduates will possess solid preparation for a successful career in academia, as well as the expertise to provide meaningful contributions in the areas of education, public health, and public policy to government agencies as well as the non-profit and private sectors.
For more information about our new program, please visit uml.edu/phd-apps.  To submit an application, please visit http://www.uml.edu/Catalog/Graduate/FAHSS/Psychology/DoctoralAppliedPsychology.aspx.  If you have questions about the program, feel free to contact our Program Director, Allyssa McCabe at Allyssa_McCabe@uml.edu,
March 15, 2015.

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