Past Biennials

Biennial Conference Locations, Hosts and Attendance

Site and Year of Conference Host Attendance  
1st Columbia, SC (1987) University of South Carolina 275  
2nd East Lansing, MI (1989) Michigan State University 324  
3rd Tempe, AZ (1991) Arizona State University 233   
4th Williamsburg, VA (1993) William and Mary College 515  
5th Chicago, IL (1995) University of Illinois at Chicago 620  
6th Columbia, SC (1997) University of South Carolina 521  
7th New Haven, CT (1999) Yale University 590  
8th Atlanta, GA (2001) Georgia State University    
9th Las Vegas, NM (2003) New Mexico Highlands University 472  
10th Champaign, IL (2005) University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana 596  
11th La Verne, CA (2007) University of La Verne    
12th Montclair, NJ (2009) Montclair State University 514  
13th Chicago, IL (2011)

National-Louis University, Roosevelt University & Adler School of Professional Psychology

est. 700  
14th Miami, FL (2013) University of Miami  597  
15th Lowell, MA (2015) University of Massachusetts, Lowell   656  
16th Ottawa, Canada (2017) University of Ottawa and Wilfrid Laurier University   657  

17th Chicago, Illinois (2019)

18th Virtual (2021)

National Louis University





Past Biennial Programs