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SCRA offers a number of online events including webinars and Twitter chats. Please see below for more information.


SCRA runs a series of webinars on topics relevant to community psychology and related disciplines. Click here to watch recordings from past webinars.

Please refer to the information provided below to join a webinar unless specified otherwise. We recommend, if possible, that you join the webinar through the web access link so you can see presenter materials and to better help with the discussion.

Upcoming Webinars

Web Access: 
Phone Number: 1-408-638-0968 
Meeting ID: 375 758 797
* Unless otherwise specified

January 27th at 2-5pm (Eastern) 

Virtual Op-Ed Writing Session hosted by SCRA's Immigrant Justice group 

The Immigrant Justice group would like to invite YOU to bring your expertise and voice as a community psychologist to local and national conversations regarding immigration policy. 
We have been asked by United We Dream, the largest youth-led immigrant rights organization in the U.S., to support their work on protecting the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. In the face of increasing xenophobic rhetoric, United We Dream seeks to change the narrative in communities regarding immigrants. They invited us to engage the public through op-eds, as op-eds can support narrative shift and call people to action.
This will be an opportunity for YOU to join other SCRA members to engage in a discussion about writing op-eds, spend dedicated time drafting one, and get peer editing and feedback. By the end of our 3 hours together, we hope that you'll have an op-ed ready (or nearly ready) to submit to your local paper!  If you can't come for the whole time, consider joining us for part of the time and working on a letter to the editor (LTE) instead!  
There is no need to prepare in advance of our meeting; simply come with an idea! You can learn more about this effort in The Community Psychologist.  
What can your op-ed or LTE be about?
- DACA in your community or state
- DACA at your university
- The importance of DACA and its positive impacts across the United States
- and more
The more people who write op-eds or LTEs, the broader the reach of our message.  We hope you join us!  
Please contact Sara at or Kevin at for more information.
 Join via Zoom at

Twitter chats

CLICK HERE to review past #CommPsychChat Twitter chats.

New to Twitter or Twitter Chats? 

Just search for #CommPsychChat to follow the conversation and join by including #CommPsychChat in all of your tweets and replies. That will help to ensure that your tweets get through to the live feed for the chat, so that everyone can see them.

Open dialogue is what we are aiming for! In order to guide the conversation, Twitter chats follow a Q1/A1 format. So, tweets and replies in response to Q1 should start with A1, responses to Q2 should start with A2, and so on. 


See how Twitter can act as a useful tool for information exchange among professional communities!

See why scientists should tweet (Barncard, 2014Bonetta, 2009), and how Twitter can aid our goals for social change (Rachel West; Taylor Scott & J’Vonnah Maryman (PDF file download).

To get oriented to Twitter use, check out Twitter as a Tool for Social Change (PDF file download).

You can find a handy Twitter Chat FAQs.