Special Contribution Award


On occasion, by vote of the Executive Committee, the Society gives a special award to a person inside or outside of community psychology who has advanced the interests or goals of the field. The Special Contribution Award is granted for a contribution that is outside of the scope of other SCRA sponsored awards. Reasons for recognition could include, but are not limited to, advancing public policy, having an impact on legislation; bringing significant resources to the field, or contributing to the development of the field by, for example, mentoring others.

Past Award Recipients

2019      Donata Francescato, Sapienza University Rome Italy

2019      Regina Day Langhout, University of California Santa Cruz

2016      G. Anne Bogat, Michigan State University

2016      Jean Hill, New Mexico Highlands University

2016      Bradley Olson, National Louis University

2016      Jacob K. Tebes, Yale University

2011      Scott Evans, University of Miami

2011      Gloria Levin, Levin and Associates

2011      William Davidson, Michigan State University

2011      Greg Meissen, Wichita State University

2001      Meg Bond, University Of Massachusetts, Lowell

1989      Joyce Lazar, National Institute for Mental Health

1987      Morton Silverman, National Institute for Mental Health

1984      Stanley F. Schneider, National Institute for Mental Health

1983      Stephen Goldston, National Institute for Mental Health