Call for Nominations

We are currently seeking nominations for five SCRA Executive Committee (EC) positions who are to be elected this coming year (2023). A complete list of positions with key activities are noted below (Please see a complete description of each position excerpted from our Policies and Procedures Manual linked below). Individuals holding these roles will be voting members of the EC and terms will begin August, 2023after the APA Convention.  

These volunteer roles are critical to the success of SCRA. During the coming terms, the EC will develop a new strategic plan and continue efforts to transform our organization to be more just and liberatory. We look forward to welcoming people who are committed to shape our organization through formal leadership roles and support the vision towards an anti-racist organization

  1. President-Elect (Becomes President and Past-President)

  • Collaborate with the presidential stream to facilitate the mission, vision and values of SCRA

  • Chairs multiple committees that shape member experience (e.g., tied to awards and Biennial)

  • Committed to addressing SCRAs vision towards an anti racist organization 

  1. Student Representative

  • Collaborate with other Student Representative

  • Advocate on behalf of and create opportunities for students

  1. Member-at-Large (with responsibilities for APA Programming)

  • Chairs APA Programming

  • Foster member engagement 

  1. APA Council Representative

  • Represent the concerns of SCRA to the APA Council

  • Keep SCRA informed about APA initiatives and other council issues of concerns to SCRA

  • Attends APA Council meetings (February and August)

Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged. Also consider nominating a colleague for these positions.  We are especially committed to diverse representation on our Executive Committee. This includes diversity of professional practice, organizational settings, geographic location, rank and role, and individual identities and backgrounds. 


Individual nominations must be submitted via google form by December 15th , 2023 at 5:00PM EST. Nominees will be asked to submit their CVs and statements of interest. Explicit commitments to diversity and liberatory processes are important in the statement of interest. The Nominations Committee will review nominees and send a slate of recommended candidates to the EC for discussion and vote at the EC Mid-Winter Meeting in late January/early February, 2023. Approved nominees will be notified and asked to submit candidate statements. The election will be administered by APA and take place in the spring. 

In the spring final nominees will be invited to participate in a Meet and Greet with SCRA members that is not mandatory.  This will be an opportunity for members to learn more about each candidate. 

Nominations should be submitted via google form. You are welcome to send a follow up email to Nominations Chair, Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, Please label your email "RE: Nominations SCRA 2023"