Volume 55, Number 3 Summer 2022

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Student Issues

Edited by Jessica S. Saucedo, Student Representative (2020-2022), Michigan State University,; Aaron S. Baker, Student Representative (2021-2023), National Louis University,

As Student Representatives, we have been working over the last 6 months or so on several projects including but not limited to hosting virtual social and career-focused events and serving on various working groups and subcommittees of the Executive Committee. One of the major projects of this season was the SCRA Student Research Grant. With the assistance of a committee of students, we selected 4 recipients for the Student Research Grant:

  • Inés Botto (University of Wisconsin): Promoting Color-Conscious Conversations in Preschool
  • Dominique Tunzi (Vanderbilt University): Understanding Youth Development of an Antiracist Orientation
  • Alexis Briggs (North Carolina State University): The Young Black Activists Project
  • Mariajosé Paton (University of South Carolina): Development and evaluation of a youth-engaged program to scale up pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in the southern United States

Many thanks to Sophia Druffner (Vanderbilt University), Emmanuel-Sathya Gray (University of Cincinnati), and Stéphanie Radziszewski (Université du Québec à Montréal) for their service on the SCRA Student Research Grant Review Committee.

Another project we have been working on is reconsidering the Student Issues column itself. We have identified topics for the upcoming The Community Psychologist issues to allow for a broader platform for students to be able to contribute to and participate in the Society and the field. Our upcoming topics are:

  • Fall 2022: Bringing It Back to Community: Perspectives from Students on Community (due July 15th)
  • Winter 2022: Student Insights into the Exploration, Evolution, or Critique of Community Psychology Methodologies or Practices (due October 15th)
  • Spring 2023: Vision for the Community Psychology Profession (due January 15th)
  • Summer 2023: Student Research Highlights (due April 15th)

Be sure to check our website for more details related to our Call for Submissions for the upcoming issues: