Volume 24 Number 4 
Fall 2014

Regional Update Fall 2014  Gina_Langhout_large.jpg

Edited by Regina Langhout, Regional Network Coordinator,; University of California at Santa Cruz

Regional Update Fall 2014

Edited by Regina Langhout, Regional Network Coordinator,; University of California at Santa Cruz

This quarter, which marks the beginning of the academic year, brings some changes in leadership. We have one Regional Coordinator cycling off of this position: Nathan Todd from DePaul University, who has been representing the Midwest region of the U.S. Thanks for your work for SCRA, Todd! Of course, this means we have a new Midwest Regional Coordinator. Olya Glantsman, also from DePaul, has taken the position. Welcome Olya!  We also have a new regional coordinator in the West region of the U.S.: Emma Ogley-Oliver at Marymount California University. Welcome to you, Emma! I’m happy to report that Mary Ivers, from University College Dublin, is filling in for Judy Lovett while she is on leave.  Mary is the current International Regional Coordinator for Northern Ireland. Also, I’m excited to tell you that we have an International Regional Coordinator in a new county: Julia Halamova is at Comenius University in Slovakia. It’s really exciting to see SCRA being represented in new places in the world! Welcome Julia! Finally, if you are wondering how to stay connected with colleagues who are not within easy driving distance, check out the work happening in the Southeast US region. 

Europe/Middle East/Africa

International Liaisons

Serdar Degirmencioglu,; Cumhuriyet University, Turkey

José Ornelas,; Instituto Universitário, Lisboa, Portugal

Caterina Arcidiacono,;Federico II University, Naples, Italy

Julia Halamova,; Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia

Student International Liaison

Hana Shahin,, The American University in Cairo, Egypt

News from Slovakia

Written by: Julia Halamova

Call for Submissions: There will be opportunity for Community Psychologists to attend a conference on December 2nd, 2014 in Bratislava, Slovakia, Middle Europe. The theme is: “Community psychology in Slovakia.” The specific goal of the conference is to establish community psychology in the region and create a network of professionals interested in the field. For more information about the conference, please contact Julia Halamova from Comenius University at It would be great if anybody from SCRA could attend and give an opening lecture on community psychology. Because there is no budget to pay for travel expenses, this offer will work for those who will be in the nearby area during the conference.

Southeast Region, U.S.

Regional Coordinators

Ciara Smalls Glover,; Georgia State University

Sarah L. Desmarais,; North Carolina State University

Courte Voorhees,; University of Miami

Student Regional Coordinators

Natalie Kivell,; University of Miami

Alexander Ojeda,; University of South Carolina

Candalyn Rade,; North Carolina State University

Nashalys Rodriguez,; Georgia State University

News from the Southeast

Building our SE community: The story of our pilot year

Written By: Natalie Kevill and Candalyn Rade

Based on an innovative session at the SE ECO Conference in 2013 in North Carolina, folks from around the SE Region have begun implementing an action plan aimed at building a strong community within and across the programs in the region. While it is easy to form relationships and collaborate with colleagues during an ECO conference, it becomes more difficult to continue developing the sense of community throughout the year. SCRA Student representatives from the University of Miami (UM) and North Carolina State University (NCSU), Natalie Kivell and Candalyn Rade, partnered to keep the lines of communication open between their institutions over this past year. Much work and brainstorming has occurred in order to build the necessary infrastructure to keep us connected and learning from each other. Some successes we have seen include co-hosting sessions within our respective institutions on topics of shared interest and using creative and technological ways to share our learning and discussions across institutions. Additionally, a group of students at NCSU have been brainstorming the technological side and are currently developing an on-line platform. These innovations will allow students and faculty in the SE region to dialogue, share, and learn together. It is our hope to broaden this initiative in 2014-2015 to include the rest of our SE SCRA partner institutions. If you would like more information, or have ideas regarding how we can keep the momentum going, please contact Natalie Kivell at, or Candalyn Rade at

Rocky Mountain/Southwest Region

Regional Coordinators

Jessica Goodkind,; University of New Mexico

Eylin Palamaro Munsell,; Arizona State University

Student Coordinator

Brittney Weber,; Arizona State University

News from the Southwest

Written by: Emma Ogley-Oliver and Eylin Palamaro Musnell


Greetings from the Southwest U.S. Region. This update includes news from our region.

Susan Wolfe will be teaching the course “Issues in Mental Health and Mental Illness” to Master’s level public health students at the University of North Texas Health Science Center this fall.

We continue to meet for standing monthly conference calls this fall, with the hope of moving toward a video conferencing platform in the next few months. If you are interested in joining our monthly calls, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Eylin Palamaro Munsell,

Northeast Region, U.S. 

Regional Coordinators

Michelle Ronayne,; Nova Psychiatric Services

Suzanne Phillips,; Community College System of NH

Bronwyn Hunter,; Yale University, The Consultation Center

News from the Northeast

Written by: Suzanne Phillips and Bronwyn Hunter

Believe it or not, planning has begun for the 2015 Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) meeting in Philadelphia, to be held March 5 – 7, 2015.  Please send any ideas/suggestions for themes or programming ideas to bronwyn.hunter@yale.eduPaper, poster, and symposium submissions, even to the EPA SCRA program, go through  If you are interested in serving as a reviewer, please contact Suzanne Phillips at

Please note that Suzanne has a new e-mail – and a new job!  She is now Institutional Researcher at White Mountains Community College, a rural school in northern NH.  This has been a terrific opportunity to enter community psychology practice. 

Calling all graduate students! We are looking for a graduate student representative to join our team to provide regional leadership and guidance to the processes of membership development, activities, and communication. If you are interested in serving as a graduate-student representative, please contact Suzanne Phillips at

West Region, U.S.

Regional Coordinators

Joan Twohey-Jacobs,; University of LaVerne

Lauren Lichty,; University of Washington at Bothell

Emma Ogley-Oliver,; Marymount California University

Student Regional Coordinators

Erin Ellison,; University of California, Santa Cruz

Aran Watson,; Alliant International University

News from Southern California

Written by Emma Ogley-Oliver

So that we can get to know a bit about her, Emma Ogley-Oliver, our new Regional Coordinator, introduces us to her ongoing community initiative in Lake County, California.


In March of 2014 Thrive Lake County, Lake County community leaders, community organizations and individuals in conjunction with Marymount California University (MCU) initiated a "Happiness Index Project" (HIP). The HIP uses a participatory action research (PAR) approach to understand community prosperity in Lake County, California. The happiness index will measure and track what really matters to the community. Specifically, the index assesses not simply financial factors, but other important aspects such as the environment, health and well-being. The PAR approach involves six steps of community participation and mobilization to collect and analyze data and ultimately create community-driven recommendations to inform Lake County policy decisions.

Lake County stakeholders will have a voice in the development of the Happiness Index Project (HIP) via the Community Advisory Group (CAG). Specifically, the CAG will provide a setting to discuss community views and concerns about collecting county-wide data, as well as developing and implementing socially and culturally relevant policy recommendations. The CAG is made up of diverse community members to reflect the diverse interests in Lake County. In the fall, they will develop inter-rater agreement for preliminary data collected at a HIP town hall meeting in March.

The HIP CAG will spend the remainder of the year reviewing literature and assessment tools about well-being, happiness, and quality of life and collecting and analyzing data in preparation to develop, implement, and evaluate recommendations in 2015. The CAG will meet monthly and represents a crucial component of the project to gain meaningful input from all Lake County residents and develop a useful tool for future Lake County planning. Please feel free to contact Dr. Emma Ogley-Oliver at MCU ( to learn more about this PAR project.

News from the Bay Area

Written by Erin Ellison

The Bay Area Community Psychology and Intervention Group consists of community psychologists, clinical psychologists, public health researchers, community workers, and colleagues from other fields with interests in community-based research and action. We meet twice a year. All students, faculty, practitioners, and community members with interests in community-based research and interventions are welcome in this group. We usually have two brief informal presentations, along with time to network, connect, and informally check in about issues and ideas from our work. Our next meeting will be in Berkeley this fall. If you are interested in becoming part of this network, please contact Erin Ellison ( and Aran Watson (

Midwest Region, U.S. 

Regional Coordinators

August J. Hoffman:, Metropolitan State University

Luciano Berardi:, DePaul University

Olya Glantsman,, DePaul University

News from the Midwest

Written by August Hoffman, Luciano Berardi, and Olya Glantsman

Welcoming a new Regional Coordinator

We want to welcome Olya Glantsman who has joined August Hoffman and Luciano Berardi as a new Midwest Coordinator for the 2014-2015 year.  Olya Glantsman holds a doctoral degree in community psychology and is currently a visiting professor at DePaul University. Dr. Glantsman’s research interests include improving academic settings for students and faculty, and substance abuse prevention and recovery. For future announcements or information for inclusion in future Midwest updates, please send information to Olya Glantsman at

Upcoming Events

It’s hard to believe but it is already time to begin thinking about the 2014 Midwest Ecological-Community Psychology Conference. This year marks the 27th annual meeting. It will be held in Lisle (a Chicago, IL suburb) and will be sponsored by current students from the National Louis University’s graduate program in Community Psychology. For more information, please visit the website at: http://Midwesteco2014. 

It’s not too early to begin making plans for the 2015 Chicago, MPA conference. This year the conference will be held on April 30 – May 2, 2015 at the Palmer House. Additional information and a call for proposals will be forthcoming on the SCRA list serve. For more information about the MPA conference (e.g., lodging, fees, eligibility) please visit the MPA website at:

Community Garden News

12_Reg_Apple_Tree.jpgStudents from Metropolitan State University and educational partner Inver Hills Community College have raised over 100 lbs. of fresh vegetables and fruit that are donated to local food shelters and charities. The Inver Hills – Metropolitan State University fruit tree orchard was started three years ago and continues to produce healthy apple snacks for community members. Over 50 trees were planted with 16 different species. Students from both institutions maintain the orchard and pick the fruit that is donated to the food shelters. Students from both institutions are currently planning a fruit tree planting project in Detroit, Michigan either in the Fall 2014 or Spring 2015. For more information or to volunteer, please contact either August Hoffman from Metropolitan State University ( or Barb Curchack from Inver Hills Community College (


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