Volume 48 Number 4 
Fall 2015

Early Career Interest Group

Edited by Ashlee Lien and Ben Graham

We hope that those of you who attended the 2015 biennial in Lowell had a great experience and a great rest of the summer. The 2015 biennial was an exciting time for the Early Career Interest Group (ECIG). We sponsored a session about our recent ECIG Needs Assessment and co-sponsored a session about supporting marginalized groups during the tenure and promotion process. We also hosted a business meeting in which we discussed future initiatives and leadership of the ECIG. Thank you to everyone who participated in these sessions that will shape the future of the ECIG. We welcome all early career community psychologists, whether in academic or practice settings, to take part in our activities in the upcoming year!

Mission Statement

The ECIG supports SCRA members who have been working as a community psychology researcher; practitioner; activist; or teacher or professor; or in a related field, for no more than ten years. The important aims of this group are to: (1) promote the concerns, interests, and issues unique to early career individuals within SCRA; (2) promote opportunities for early career scholars to make contributions to or hold leadership positions within the SCRA community; and (3) promote formalized opportunities for recognition of professional accomplishments by early career SCRA members. ECIG will accomplish these goals by providing professional development networking, training, information-sharing, social support, and mentoring in order to advance the careers of early career professionals and promote collaboration. Membership is open to all with an interest in the development and support of Early Career Community Psychologists (ECCPs), including graduate students, ECCPs, and those with more established careers.


We would like to thank Michèle Schlehofer for her work and dedication as co-chair over the past year, and for her leadership in establishing the ECIG. Our new leadership structure will involve two co-chairs, one representing early career professionals in academic settings and another representing early career professionals in practice settings. Ashlee Lien will continue as a co-chair in the academic position, and Ben Graham will begin as co-chair for the practice position.

Upcoming Initiatives

During the past year, as part of our Mentor Conversation Series we heard from Greg Meissen about strategies for developing relationships with community partners. The ECIG will be continuing this initiative by partnering with the SCRA webinar series to host webinars of interest to early career individuals. Watch for announcements on the SCRA Listserv for upcoming webinars.

This year we will also develop our page on the SCRA website. When it is complete the webpage will provide materials and resources relevant to early career individuals, as well as meeting minutes and other ECIG business documents. We hope to distribute and share resources and promote networking with each other through the website, future columns in The Community Psychologist, and through the early career listserv. We are always looking for ideas or contributions, and welcome your involvement in our upcoming initiatives.

Opportunities for Involvement

If you have not yet joined, please join the early career listserv. The list is open to anyone interested in early career development, regardless of whether or not you are still early career. To join the list, send an e-mail to LISTSERV@LISTS.APA.ORG. Leave the subject area blank, and in your message area type: SUBSCRIBE SCRA-ECP Your first name Your last name (e.g. Fred Smith).

Several individuals have recently stepped forward into leadership roles in the interest group, and we continue to look for motivated individuals to take on leadership or supportive roles. If you are interested in learning more about the ECIG, have ideas for what you’d like to see, or would like to join our planning team, please contact Ashlee ( or Ben (

We look forward to hearing from you!

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