Volume 52   Number 4 Fall 2019

The Community Practitioner

Edited by Mayra Guerrero, M.A., Olya Glantsman, Ph.D., Hana Shahin, M.A., and Nicole Freund, Ph.D.

Update on Community Psychology Practice Council 

Written by Ramy Barhouche, M.A.

Since forming over twenty years ago, the Community Psychology Practice Council (CPPC) has been committed to furthering the visibility and impact of Community Psychology practice. The CPPC also continues to make important contributions to the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) while providing a shared space for community practitioners. At this year's Society for Community Research and Action Biennial, in Chicago, the Council members met to review current initiatives in light of our mission and to develop a ‘Strategic Action Plan’ to help recruit, advocate for, and better support fellow practitioners and applied researchers. Meeting attendees also participated in a SWOT analysis to help the CPPC leadership assess the council’s areas of strengths as well as identify areas in need of improvement to ensure that the council’s members feel supported. We are highlighting current initiatives below:

Conversations that Raise your Practice Game

In 2018, the Practice Council started having monthly video calls facilitated by Tom Wolf that revolve around practitioners, their experiences in the field, and other topics related to Community Psychology. People can join, listen, and/or participate in the discussion as the presenter share their experience. Furthermore, the video calls are recorded and added to the SCRA website for those that are not able to join. Past conversation topics have included revisiting the definition of Community Psychology practice, co-constructing Indigeneous Psychologies in collaboration with indigeneous communities, and evaluating health equity through a deep analysis of structural racism. If interested in presenting at a future call, please contact: To learn more visit this link:

The Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice (GJCCP)

The GJCCP began as a CPPC project that is now an independent, strategic partner for SCRA. It is an online journal for practitioners of community psychology and community improvement. The Journal works with practitioners and applied researchers to share quality work and to foster a learning community that will contribute to ongoing advances in the broader field of Community Practice, both in psychology and related disciplines. GJCCP seeks contributions that include original articles, editorials, book reviews, videos, and other forms of content from community practitioners in many fields including community development, public health, community organizing, and others. Contact: Learn More:

Reviving and Connecting

This year the CPPC is focusing on reviving the Community Psychology Practice Blog which in the past has helped facilitate a dialogue and interest around Community Psychology topics among varied audiences and raise awareness about the field and the people who do Community Psychology related work. Additionally, the group is working on reviving the monthly Practitioner Connection Newsletter that showcases the work of practitioners around the world, connects members of the council and keeps them updated on important dates, events, and job openings. 

These represent a slice of activity within and partnered with the CPPC. Ideas for other projects that further the mission and/or impact communities are welcome and encouraged. We invite all those who embrace community psychology practice to join us and connect with other practitioners. Contact practicecouncil@scra27.orgfor more information and to learn about upcoming meetings/calls.