Volume 52   Number 4 Fall 2019

SCRA Announcements       

Edited by Susan M. Wolfe

A New SCRA Student Initiative

It is important to highlight a new SCRA student initiative regarding free memberships. This initiative is not limited to SCRA student members in the Midwest but is available to all students. 

In a recent SCRA Listserv message, Brad Olsen shared the information below.

In an effort to be more supportive of undergraduate students, and encourage more of them getting connected to community psychology, I am sharing news here about an exciting new initiative. SCRA has created a membership category of Student Associate.

This membership category will be available for free to any current undergraduate student at any stage of their academic studies. Student Associate Members will be provided all membership privileges except access to the American Journal of Community Psychology (we had to limit this due to our relationship with the publisher that has a 2,000 person cap on how many individuals can obtain AJCP. 

As you might already know, less than 1% of our members are undergraduates, and this new policy will provide one way to bring students at an early time in their career into our organization, with the hope that they will remain members after finishing their undergraduate studies.

This new membership opportunity for undergraduates, along with the soon to be released free, online introductory textbook on Community Psychology, are just some of the ways that efforts are now ongoing both to reduce barriers to participation in our field and to reach out to more actively involve our students.

For more information there is also this "Types of Membership" table on the SCRA website's membership page.

Please encourage your undergraduate students to join and get connected with the field.

Regional ECO Conferences

Here is a summary of the Regional ECO conferences that are being held this fall. There is still time to register and attend!

Community Research and Action in the West (CRA-W) Conference

LOCATION: Portland State University

DATE: October 25, 2019

THEME: Bridges not Walls: Connecting Communities through Research and Action. 

The 42nd Midwest ECO Conference

LOCATION: The University of Illinois at Chicago

DATE: October 26-28, 2018

THEME: Transforming Communities, Changing Lives: Promoting Equity and Justice through Research and Action

2019 SouthEast ECO Conference

LOCATION: University of South Carolina – Columbia, SC

DATE: November 15-16, 2019

THEME: Back to BaSiCs: Reaffirming the core values of Community Psychology

International Conference of Community Psychology

ICCP 2020 will be held in Melbourne, Australia, June 26th-28th, 2020. The location was originally and continues to be home to many Aboriginal communities. This conference seeks to celebrate and interrogate the ways solidarities are fostered and sustained within community contexts, across borders and boundaries, digital and non-digital spaces, and through process of knowledge production. The conference seeks to give a critical platform to the ideas and work emerging from coalitions with practitioners, artists, educators, activists, and diverse communities. We are interested in exploring and showcasing scholarship, activism, practice, and critical scholarly engagement, from around the world that seeks to bring about sustainability, inclusivity, and wellbeing for all. 

For more information, email or visit

The Next SCRA Biennial - 2021

We are excited to share that the next SCRA Biennial, in 2021, will be held at Vanderbilt, University in Nashville, TN! 

APA Convention  2020

Carolyn J. Tompsett and Ashmeet Oberoi, Members-at-Large / Division Program Co-Chairs

The next APA Convention will be August 6-9, 2020 in Washington, DC. Division proposals will be due December 2, 2019, and we will be sending out another call closer to that deadline.

At this time, we are soliciting proposals for collaborative programs—these are proposals that are submitted on behalf of multiple divisions, and are intended to showcase multiple perspectives that could appeal to a broad audience while integrating psychological science and practice. These are due October 11th, and provide a unique opportunity to develop symposia or other programming that engage audiences across different divisions.

The Society of Consulting Psychology (Div 13) is currently seeking collaborators for proposals related to their division theme, “A Force for Positive Change”. A member of Peace Psychology (Div 48) is seeking collaborators for a proposal related to community gardening as peaceful community-building. If you would like to be in touch with organizers around these themes, please email one of us a brief summary of your proposed contribution and we can connect you.

If you have an idea for a collaborative program you would like to initiate, we would be happy to assist you in identifying other divisions whose members might contribute.

 Collaborative programs are due October 11th. More information, including the submissions link is at: When you submit you will need to identify the collaborating divisions, and all divisions you identify will review your proposal.

If you have questions or would like more information, contact: 

 Carolyn J. Tompsett, Member at Large/Division Program Co-Chair;

 Ashmeet Oberoi, Member at Large/Division Program Co-Chair;


Call for Proposals – MPA 2020