Volume 51   Number 3 Summer 2018

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Distinguished Contributions to Practice in Community Psychology

Please join the SCRA Executive Committee in congratulating Ms. Christiane Sadeler, the recipient of the 2018 SCRA Award for Distinguished Contributions to Practice in Community Psychology!

15a._Award_Sadeler_photo.jpgSince its inception in 1995, Ms. Christiane Sadeler has been the Executive Director of the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council (WRCPC; Kitchener, Ontario, Canada), a unique partnership between local government and the community. She came to prevention work after years of working in human services with diverse populations in four different countries (Germany, England, New Zealand and now Canada). While working with children who had been sexually victimized she began her lifelong interest in prevention, and her degree-related research at Wilfrid Laurier University. Key was the realization that many of the children she encountered had childhoods characterized by severe neglect and abuse, and often silence around these experiences of trauma. This led Ms. Sadeler to the belief that silence about challenging topics needs to be broken, and voices from the margin needed to be amplified. She feels fortunate to do this work on a rich soil where restorative justice is embraced, and Community Psychology is increasingly understood and recognized.

Congratulations Ms. Sadeler!

Distinguished Contributions to Theory and Research in Community Psychology

Please join the SCRA Executive Committee in congratulating Dr. Irma Serrano-García, the recipient of the 2018 SCRA Award for Distinguished Contributions to Theory and Research in Community Psychology!


Dr. Irma Serrano-García is a leading contributor to theory and research in bicultural and bilingual community psychology in the Americas. Dr. Serrano-García has made substantive contributions in at least six specific areas of community psychology theory and research including international community psychology, empowerment, community intervention and research methods, education, psychology and public policy, and HIV-AIDS. Dr. Serrano-García has published about 21 co-authored and edited books, including her role as co-editor of the recently published second Handbook of Community Psychology. She established the International Conference of Community Psychology and hosted its inaugural meeting in San Juan in 2006. Her initial conceptual work created the foundation for the social-community psychology doctoral program at the University of Puerto Rico four decades ago. That work became a template for others seeking to initiate community psychology programs in Latin America and shaped the creation of programs in Venezuela and Argentina among others.

Congratulations Dr. Serrano-García!

The full list of 2018 award recipients are posted on the SCRA website: Awards will be formally presented at the 2018 APA Convention and/or the 2019 SCRA Biennial Conference.

Want to bring prestige and recognition to your institution? Consider hosting the 2021 SCRA Biennial Conference!

The Society for Community Research and Action is soliciting proposals from individual institutions and consortia of academics and/or practitioners to host the 2021 SCRA Biennial Conference.


The conference is typically 3 to 4 days in mid to late June and draws 500 to 700 participants. Hosting this exciting event draws national and international recognition to the host institution and enables conference participants to appreciate the sponsoring institution and its location.

If you have interest in possibly being a host, are considering applying, and/or have any questions, we will be delighted to talk with you and send you more information regarding the details required in a formal proposal. We would like to begin conversations as soon as possible.

Please contact both: Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, SCRA President ( and Jean Hill, SCRA Executive Director (

Formal proposals are due September 15, 2018.