Volume 53   Number 2 Spring 2020

Regional Network News

Edited by Christina Smith, University of Chicago and National Louis University – Regional Network Coordinator

News from the Midwest Region U.S.


Melissa Ponce Rodas, Andrews University; and Tonya Hall, Chicago State University

Greetings from Midwest SCRA:


We have had a good academic year so far, with an amazing experience at our Midwest ECO last October 2019!  Attached you will find some pictures of the networking and gatherings that were had!  Thanks again to National Louis University for hosting and organizing this successful event!


Continuing with that momentum, we are excited to announce that April 23-25, we planned to be in Chicago, at the Midwestern Psychological Association's yearly meeting. Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal. We accepted over 20 presentations, and 30 posters. All SCRA presentations and events were scheduled for Friday, April 24th.

TCP EDITOR NOTE: Since this article was submitted, MPA’s 2020 meeting was completely cancelled and will not be rescheduled. Open Science Link is providing the option to archive posters and talks on the Open Science Framework. Information about this option can be found here:  Instructions for citing an APA style reference for a cancelled conference presentation can be found here :

For those of you who are disappointed that you will miss the exhibits, exhibitors are offering information and other opportunities here:

Looking forward, please mark your calendars, and prepare your submissions!

Remember that this is primarily a student-led conference, and submissions from members at all levels are encouraged.  August Hoffman will serve as the faculty advisor. All students interested in organizing and hosting ECO 2020 may email Professor Hoffman at august.hoffman@ Attached is more information from Dr. Hoffman.  


Please consider becoming part of this team!

Here in the Midwest, we are actively recruiting for our next SCRA Midwest regional coordinator, and student coordinator.  We have two positions available for each position.  If you are interested, send us an email ( or  Terms are typically for three years, but include a variety of opportunities, such as working with Midwest ECO, Midwest SCRA at MPA, and even the biennial. There is ample opportunity to work with others and build community among our Midwest institutions and community psychologists.  If you have any questions, we’re always excited to chat!

As always, thanks for being part of SCRA Midwest.  We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you at one of these events!

Submitted by: Melissa Ponce-Rodas on behalf of Midwest SCRA.


International Regions – Australia/New Zealand and the Pacific

International Regional Liaison

Katie Thomas, Antony Street Specialist Centre


Dr. Katie Thomas:

Student Regional Liaisons - Megan Johnson Queensland University of Technology and Nathan Medford Murdoch University

TCP EDITOR NOTE: On March 19, 2020 I received the notice below from the ICCP2020 Committee. Although this conference will not be held as planned, we are hopeful that we will still be able to meet in Australia at some time in the future. The article following this notice includes important information about Australia and the conference location. 

This is an important announcement from the 8th International Conference of Community Psychology Committee in response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

In the best interests of the health and well-being of conference attendees, presenters, volunteers and the wider community, we have decided that the 2020 ICCP Conference will no longer be held as planned 26 - 28 June 2020.

We are currently discussing alternative options, and further details will be made available as soon as possible.

We encourage you to stay connected with your various networks, and to draw on what we know and do best as community psychologists to support the most vulnerable members of our families, communities, and global village during this unprecedented situation.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind Regards,

Sent on behalf of the ICCP2020 Committee by the APS Conference and Events Team

The Australian Psychological Society Limited

Invitation Down Under:  Solidarity After the Fires

Melbourne Australia

Following years of drought dozens of fires erupted in New South Wales (NSW) Australia in November. The fires spread across many states and burned out of control for over two months.  Only torrential rain in mid-February, the wettest in three decades, contained them. Australians, among the developed nations’ highest polluters per head of population, had climate change brought to their door. The level, spread, and losses from this bushfire season have been unprecedented. As early as 2008 “The Garnaut Climate Change Review” warned that fire seasons would increase gradually to be longer and more intense, and specifically named 2020 as the year the effect would be observable. Nonetheless, early warnings of possible disaster from Fire Chiefs and Environmental Authorities were dismissed by the Government.

Deaths of 33 people and over 3,000 homes destroyed or damaged have been a painful reminder of our arrogance. Economists estimate the losses of the fires at over $3.5 billion AUD. Over 25 million acres were lost, taking the lives of more than a billion animals including a third of all koalas and thirty percent of all koala habitat in NSW. Many species of native mammals are now feared extinct. Air quality dropped to the worst in the world necessitating evacuations. Australians are beginning to understand the impact of climate change and the need for increased solidarity in tackling these challenges.

In this light the International Conference of Community Psychology theme of Fostering and sustaining solidarities – communities, activism, knowledges & environment (8th International Conference of Community Psychology) could not be more relevant.  PLEASE JOIN US for an invigorating conference that will be tackling these critical issues. The conference will be held at Victoria University in Melbourne Australia.  If you’ve always wanted to come Down Under this is the opportunity to do so! It will be a wonderful opportunity to develop global links with international colleagues

Presciently, the conference sub-theme of “knowledges for sustainable futures” invites participants to engage with critical theories and ways of working that have been produced in various countries and contexts, often referred to as the global south. Participants will have the opportunity to seek to understand how to advance community research and action towards its goals of liberation, community, and wellness.

Other powerful sub-themes ensure the conference will celebrate and interrogate the ways solidarities are fostered and sustained within community contexts, across borders and boundaries and through processes of knowledge production.

The conference promises to be a fantastic opportunity to look at diverse critical epistemological and methodological tools and critical reflexivity. Hosts for the conference include Victoria University in partnership, Moondani Balluk Academic Unit, College of Community Psychologists of the Australian Psychological Society and Melbourne Convention Bureau. For further information please visit the conference website at  .

Member Support

If you are a current SCRA member and would be willing to maintain a collegial support system in your region please forward your name and contact details Katie Thomas at This will be a great opportunity to set up some support and mentoring networks across the regions and will help us gain direction and momentum for the year ahead.