Volume 52   Number 3 Summer 2019

From the President

Brad_Olsen.jpgBradley Olsen
National Louis University Chicago

The SCRA Biennial 2019

As President of the Society, and on behalf of the co-chairs of the SCRA Biennial Committee, our hope is that each and every one of you had safe travels to Chicago, and throughout the conference the city itself while you were here.

We hope you took time to enjoy all of the city, and all it has to offer.

We know you found new strength and inspiration from seeing friends again, meeting new colleagues, exchanging ideas, and absorbing the spirit of those who share such deep and vital values.

We enjoyed seeing you sharing the best of your connected community’s ideas, loves, and practices with the larger collective. We hope you brought back the best of what you learned to your home communities.

We should all reflect on the diverse meanings of inclusion, meanings deeply connected to being a community psychologist.

SCRA members are quite good at embracing these differences in all their facets, keeping our biases at bay, and treating every individual—standing in a hall or by a poster board—with a smile, and with equal concern for every aspect of well-being and respect; as a friend.

Let’s keep continually and critically examining ourselves—our work, our life, and our practices. Let’s continue to grow in ways consistent with all of our community psychology values.

Our beliefs and actions can always, throughout our lifetimes, grow to become incrementally more consistent with these values.

We hope the meeting inspired you to—when you returned home even in our most beloved and closely-knit communities and traditional families—advocate for the fullest inclusion and defend equal rights for everyone.

Through each other, we can all become greater action-oriented allies, reducing the extent any one person, anywhere, feels a part of a less-than or othered-community.

Most of all we hope you enjoyed yourselves immensely.

We are grateful for being able to be present among so many of you talented, engaged, and caring colleagues.

We look forward to coming together to help improve communities and change the world.


Bradley D. Olson, PhD

President, Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA)

Co-Chair, SCRA Biennial 2019, Chicago