Volume 52   Number 3 Summer 2019

SCRA Announcements       

Edited by Susan M. Wolfe

Special Contributions to Community Psychology Award: Dr. Donata Francescato


Dr. Donata Francescato was selected to receive the Special Contribution to Community Psychology Award because of her exemplary contributions to the field of community psychology. She has been an intellectual pioneer and a champion of community psychology in her home country of Italy and throughout Europe. Dr. Francescato’s work spans more than five decades and has had a tremendous impact on academic and lay communities.  Her work has advanced the field of community psychology through contributing to theory, research, methodologies, and training. Dr. Francescato has contributed to the dissemination of community psychology among academics, community professionals, and the general public through mass media interventions, writing textbooks, and providing resources and support for psychologists to communicate with the general public. She introduced the Participatory Multidimensional Organizational Analysis (PMOA) model, Socio-Political Empowerment Training Labs, and innovative online collaborative learning models for conducting integrative, interdisciplinary, and empowering community practice. Dr. Francescato has been a strong advocate for women’s roles and women’s activism, and fostered empowerment at the individual, organizational, and community level for marginalized community groups.

SCRA Fellows 2019

Dr. Cindy Crusto

Cindy CrustoDr. Crusto is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry (Psychology Section); Assistant Chair for Diversity, Department of Psychiatry; Director, Program Evaluation and Child Trauma Research at The Consultation Center Yale School of Medicine. She is a practitioner and evaluator, researcher, educator and administrator. Her contributions to community psychology expand across three main areas including evaluation of community-based programs and systems of change, teaching and mentoring students and advocacy and training.  She has made extensive contributions to issues of equity and inclusion in evaluation research.

Dr. Crusto is a leader in establishing participatory evaluation partnerships with community stakeholders. Her work seeks to enhance the capacity of programs, organizations, and service systems to build an organizational culture of evaluation and data driven decision making. She has done this in different areas including domestic violence, prevention programs, early care and education systems seeking to reduce violence exposure among, child and family behavioral health systems child welfare system and schools. She is also a national leader in culturally competent evaluation. Her program of research stands at the intersection of childhood trauma health disparities and evaluation research. She has been widely recognized for her significant contributions to multiethnic issues in evaluation research.

Dr. Bianca Guzman

Bianca GuzmanDr. Guzman is currently the director of the Pathways Program Office and a Professor of Chicana/o Latina/o Studies at California State University, LA. Her contributions to community psychology expand across the areas of community practice and action, research, teaching and administration and professional service. She has made significant contributions to the study of Latina women and young girls, focusing on gender issues, sexuality and culture, and the advocacy of women in careers/educational attainment. She has examined educational attainment of Latina girls – examining cultural issues and context, the role of community and advocacy on the health and career development of Latinas. Her work and service contributions have improved the lives of the Latino community in particular health and academic success. As a practitioner she created and founded a non-profit organization – Choices- focusing on Latino community health and education – the program was created 31 years ago, and it is still impacting the lives of many Latina girls which has received funding continuously to support the work. 

She is considered a national expert on teen sexual health – advocating for teen pregnancy prevention. The National Latina Network in Washington DC appointed her as the lead evaluator in two CDC funded programs to promote safer sex among adolescent of color. She led an initiative to increase the number of Latino students attending and succeeding in higher education by changing the university environment. She has served as a SCRA member at large, chair the women’s committee and minority representative to APA Council when the position existed.  From 2015 to 2018 she served as President of the Society for the Psychology of Women APA Division 35 section 3, Latina women. She was recently elected as President for the Society of Community Research and Action and will serve from 2019 through 2022. 

Dr. John Sylvestre

John SylvestreDr. Sylvestre is an Associate Professor in the School of Psychology, and Vice-Dean, Research, in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa. He has made distinguished contributions to the study of community of mental health programs and systems, with an emphasis on the topics of homelessness and housing among people with serious mental illness. This includes evaluations of a provincial homelessness initiative, mixed methods studies of family homelessness, collaborative research on supportive housing practice, and qualitative research on housing instability. He has written on issues of poverty and citizenship among people with serious mental illness. He is also well-recognized for his contributions to the study and evaluation of a wide range of community-based programs in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

He is a former Senior Editor of the Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, and recently co-edited a book on theory, research, practice, and policy related to housing for people with serious mental illness. His research has contributed to strengthening the local and provincial community mental health programs and systems in Canada and has filled important gaps in our knowledge of supportive housing and homelessness. Dr. Sylvestre was also a co-chair of the 2017 SCRA Biennial Conference at the University of Ottawa. 

SCRA Election Results

Congratulations to the 2019 newly elected members of the SCRA Executive Committee! Please joint the EC in thanking them for their willingness to serve SCRA.

  • President Elect – Bianca Guzman
  • Member at Large – Ashmeet Oberoi
  • Secretary – Lauren Lichty
  • Regional Network Coordinator – Christina Smith

Camilla_Cummings_headshot.jpgCongratulations also go out to Camilla Cummings who was elected as the SCRA National Student Representative. Camilla is a doctoral candidate in the Clinical-Community Psychology program at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. Her research interests include coordinated entry and systems that serve people experiencing homelessness, housing interventions for individuals currently or at-risk of experiencing homelessness, and treatment and recovery interventions for individuals with substance use disorders, serious mental illness, and traumatic experiences. During her service as a SCRA student representative, Camilla is excited to expand the visibility of Community Psychology through social media and advocate for student interests on the Division 27 Executive Committee.