Regional Update



Volume 50 Number 1
Winter 2017


Regional Update

Edited by Scot Evans

Greetings from your new SCRA Regional Network Coordinator and a big thanks to Gina Langhout for taking such good care of our regional groups over the past few years. In October, along with a group of students from the University of Miami, I was fortunate to be able to drop in on the Southeast Region Eco conference - On the Corner of Peachtree and Action - hosted by the good people at Georgia State. It was great to see friends and colleagues and hear about the great work being done by students and programs in the region. They thanked us for attending by signing us up to host the SE Eco next year in Miami – how kind!? There are a lot of great things happening in our SCRA regions across the globe – check out the news.


International Regional Liaison

Dr. Katie Thomas:, Antony Street Specialist Centre

Student Regional Liaison

Rahman Gray,; Victoria University

What Role do Women Play in Global Peace Initiatives?

Written by Katie Thomas

 ‘Women, War & Peace” is a film series by PBS that spotlights the stories of women in conflict zones from Bosnia to Afghanistan and Colombia to Liberia. The aim of the series is to challenge the conventional wisdom that war and peace is men’s’ domain. Using the frames of conflict and security the films examine the position and contribution of women globally to peace initiatives in an attempt to re-frame our paradigm and understanding of modern warfare. 

After obtaining the screening rights for Women War and Peace SCRA has worked in collaboration with the Australian Red Cross Humanitarian Youth at Southern Cross University to host public screenings and panel discussions.  Screening of Peace Unveiled (the fifth part of Global Women, War & Peace Series by PBS) is to occur at Southern Cross University on August 19th. This will be followed by a panel discussion with Kay Danes OAM, Katrina Elliot, David Freeman and Dr. Melanie O’Brien, chaired by Dr. Natalia Szablewska. 

Ms. Danes is a humanitarian worker, researcher and recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia for service to social justice and human rights worldwide. She has lived and worked across the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan and is currently researching the protection of humanitarian workers in conflict situations. 

Mr. Freeman is a retired Australian Army Legal Corps Office who served in Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor.  He is the recipient of an Australian Red Cross Service Award. Ms. Kunardi is International Humanitarian Law Coordinator, Australian Red Cross (QLD). Dr. O’Brien was formerly at the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court and has published extensively on international criminal law and violence against women in armed conflict and on sexual exploitation and abuse by peacekeepers. Dr. Szablewska (SCU) is Adjunct Professor at the Centre for the Study of Humanitarian Law, Royal University of Law and Economics (Cambodia).  They promise to provide a lively and knowledgeable analysis of “Peace Unveiled”. Please attend if you can. This event is also open to the public so feel free to distribute throughout your networks.


Gold Coast Campus B Block, Room B5.40

Southern Cross Drive, Bilinga, QLD, 4225


Lismore Campus R Block, Room R1.06

Military Rd, East Lismore, NSW, 2480

Member Support

We have many new members as a result of the recent membership drive.  If you are a current SCRA member and would be willing to maintain a collegial support system in your region, please forward your name and contact details Katie Thomas at This will be a great opportunity to set up some support and mentoring networks across the regions and will help us gain direction and momentum for the year ahead.

Midwest Region, U.S.

Regional Coordinators

Amber Williams,, National Louis University

Olya Glantsman,, DePaul University

Compiled by Amber Williams

News from the Midwest

Written by Crystal N. Steltenpohl (DePaul University)

On October 14-15, 2016, DePaul University hosted the 40th Annual Midwest Ecological-Community Conference at their Lincoln Park campus. Organized by current students of the DePaul University Community and Clinical Community Psychology Ph.D. programs, this year’s conference focused on engaging and building diverse perspectives with the goal of social action and change. 

To that end, this year’s theme was Building Diverse Communities for Change. Diversity is emphasized in the stakeholders involved—practitioners, community members, academics, and others—, the identity characteristics welcomed and acknowledged for their strengths, as well as the diverse systems and ideologies mobilized. As such, this year’s conference emphasizes sharing ways in which we enlist the collaboration of entities that may have different beliefs and experiences, incorporating knowledge of the context in which diverse groups function, and ways in which we work together despite differences and find common ground, question, and explore to create change. 

This year's Midwest ECO Conference welcomed nearly 150 attendees. The keynote speaker on Friday was Dr. Amie McKibban, For the last two years, Dr. McKibban has focused on a community wide assessment of areas of LGBT inclusivity, which has resulted in a usable community asset map ( for individuals and companies in the Evansville, Indiana area. Additionally, she and Dr. Stephanie Young co-founded a community- and campus-wide This program has trained over 600 participants across the University of Southern Indiana, the University of Evansville, Ivy Tech Community College, Henderson Community College, Echo Community Health Care, Deaconess Health Care, and the community at large. Dr. McKibban’s keynote focused on working within communities that may be resistant to change or whose members may have values opposed to one’s own.

On Saturday, the conference schedule included 13 symposia and presentations, 18 roundtable presentations, 4 workshops, and 29 poster presentations. The Saturday evening social events included a networking dinner at local restaurant Babareeba Cafe.

Midwest Eco is currently searching a host for next year. If you would like to host the 2017 Midwest Eco conference, please contact Crystal Steltenpohl at The organizers for this year would be happy to guide next year’s hosts and are looking forward to working with them.

Upcoming Events:

The annual MPA conference is just around the corner (April 20-22nd, 2017). The SCRA meeting at the Midwestern Psychological Association will be held Friday, April 21st 2017 in Chicago. For more information about the MPA conference (e.g., lodging, fees, etc.) please visit the MPA website at: Also, plan to join us for the annual dinner, which will include the poster award ceremony, following the Conference on Friday night (Exchequer Restaurant & Pub located at 226 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60604).

See you in Chicago!

Announcements and information for inclusion in future Midwest updates should be sent to Amber Williams (

West Region, U.S.

Regional Coordinators

Lauren Lichty,; University of Washington at Bothell

Eylin Palamaro Munsell,; Arizona State University

Emma Ogley-Oliver,; Marymount California University

Greg Townley,; Portland State University

Student Regional Coordinators

Graduate: Angela Nguyen,; University of California, Santa Cruz

Undergraduate: Brittney Weber,; Arizona State University

News from the Bay Area

Written by Angela Nguyen

The Bay Area Community Psychology Network met in May at the University of California, Santa Cruz, for our 2016 Spring Symposium. The gathering featured two speakers: Dr. Rebecca Covarrubias (a new faculty member in the Psychology Department at UC Santa Cruz) and Robert (Bob) Majzler (a doctoral candidate in Social Psychology at UC Santa Cruz). Dr. Covarrubias presented her research regarding the effects of a summer bridge program on “borderline” students, and facilitated a discussion on the implications for university admissions practices in a presentation titled, “I know that I should be here”: Lessons learned from the first year performance of borderline university applicants. Bob presented on his interview study with White men who identify as anti-racist feminist activists, and facilitated a discussion on the ethics of research in a presentation titled, 26 Summer 2016 The Community Psychologist Studying up: Ethical questions in researching power and privilege. The goal of our network is to provide a forum to informally discuss work in progress, network with other community practitioners, and provide an exchange of ideas related to community intervention work. The larger group generally meets twice a year, once in Fall and once in Spring, alternating between UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz. Our upcoming fall meeting will be held at UC Berkeley. If you are interested in attending and/or presenting at one of our meetings, or if you would like to be on our mailing list to receive more updates, please contact Angela Nguyen (

Southeast Region, U.S.

Regional Coordinators

Elan Hope,; North Carolina State University

Winnie Chan,; Georgia State University

Pam Imm,; Community Psychologist, Independent Practice, Lexington, SC

Student Regional Coordinators

Dominique Thomas, Georgia State University

Susie Paterson, University of Miami

Douglas Archie, University of South Carolina

Abby Nance, NC State

Andrew Gadaire, UNC-Charlotte

SE Regional Update

Written by Elan Hope

2016 Southeast ECO Conference Update

The 2016 Southeast ECO Regional Conference, On the Corner of Peachtree and Action was held October 21-22 2016 and hosted by Georgia State University’s Community Psychology program. The purpose of the conference was to share current research and actions taken towards social change. Session topics included research on sexual violence perpetration, positive youth development, leadership training, becoming an emerging scholar and public intellectual, and connections between Black Lives Matter and community psychology. The keynote speaker for the conference was Mr. Lonnie King, civil rights activist and leader of the Atlanta Student Movement. There were also informal opportunities for networking at a Friday evening social and a Saturday night dinner.

Southeast Region Leadership Transitions


After 4 years of dedicated service, Dr. Sarah Desmarais has stepped down from her role as a Southeast Regional Coordinator. Dr. Elan Hope, assistant professor at NC State University, has stepped in as a new Regional Coordinator for the Southeast region. Dr. Wing (Winnie) Chan and Dr. Pam Imm will continue to serve as Regional Coordinators in the Southeast.

There are also transitions in student leadership. After several years of outstanding service, Candalyn Rade (NC State) and Jaimelee Mihalski (UNC-Charlotte) will be leaving their positions as student representatives. Jaimelee now serves as a SCRA National Student Representative. Abby Nance (NC State) and Andrew Gadaire (UNC-Charlotte) will join the Southeast regional leadership team as new student representatives. The Southeast region thanks Dr. Desmarais, Candalyn, and Jaimelee for their dedicated service to the Society for Community Research and Action. Brava!