Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppressive (AR/AO) Action Plan UPDATE: Info Session and Breakout Dialogue 8/28

Aug 12, 2020

Dear members,

As noted in our previous message, the SCRA Executive Committee aspires to create multiple settings where members can engage with the proposed action plan as participants, decision-makers, and collaborators. 

This message focuses on the purpose and structure of the EC-hosted information sharing sessions that will be paired with facilitated, affinity-group breakout discussions. We are committed to trying the proposed structure below for the first two info sessions. With the goal to be responsive and flexible, we will seek feedback on this process and revise for subsequent info sessions as needed.

PURPOSE. The specific purpose of these meetings is four-fold: 

  1. Share In-Depth Information and Answer Questions. We intend to provide more detailed information on each component of the 10-point action plan proposed by the EC. This includes specifics like purpose, activities, intended outcomes, funding (where relevant), and opportunities to engage in the work.
  2. Collect Feedback. We are certain that our members have important comments related to each component of the action plan. We intend to listen to and learn from member insights.
  3. Support Dialogue.  We want to provide safe(r)/brave space for members to connect and dialogue with attention to power dynamics, organizational climate, facilitation processes, and member well-being. To that end we are designing carefully facilitated settings for dialogue related to specific components of the proposed plan. 
  4. Bring Interested Members into the Work. We hope to spark interest and motivation among members to step into key roles to refine and implement a shared action plan. 

STRUCTURE OVERVIEW. We are proposing a three-part, 90-minute meeting structure.

  • Large group information sharing sessions (~25 min)
  • Affinity-group facilitated dialogue space organized by racial identity and student status (~45 min, including norm setting, reflection, Q&A)
  • Large group limited report back  (~20 min) 

In designing these meetings, we attended to considerations around power dynamics and reducing interpersonal harm as well as responsiveness and transparency. Please click here to read more about those considerations and the session structure in detail.

FIRST MEETING. The first meeting will be on Friday, August 28 from 1pm to 2:30pm PST / 3:00pm to 4:30pm CST / 4:00 to 5:30pm EST. 

This meeting will discuss the action item: Leveraging Conference Spaces including our *virtual* 2021 Biennial with the theme, “Uprooting White Supremacy.” Opportunities for members to provide feedback and support the design and implementation of  this conference will also be shared.

We look forward to connecting!

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