AR/AO Action Plan: Biennial Info Session Slides, Open Comment Period until 9/8

Sep 01, 2020

Dear SCRA Community,

Thank you to the more than 40 people who joined us on Friday, August 28, for our first Info Session tied to the EC’s Anti-racist, Anti-oppressive (AR/AO) Action Plan. For links to additional background documents, please see this website:

At this meeting we focused on the guiding principles and components of the Action Plan and specific proposals tied to Biennial 2021 with the theme “Uprooting White Supremacy.” Click here to view the Info Session slides or download the attached pdf. Please click here to view the recording.

We are collecting comments until September 8!

To gather feedback and invite member engagement, we used a series of Padlets. This tool is similar to each person writing on digital post-it notes and adding them to a themed column. People were invited to share appreciations, inquiries, and suggestions related to four specific aspects of the action plan:

  1. Action Plan Principles and Commitments:
  2. Biennial Theme & Training:    
  3. Biennial Climate: 
  4. Brainstorming Biennial Beyond Training & Climate: 

Please review your colleagues' posts on the padlets (note, you can view a series of posts in a column by clicking the three dots in the right hand corner of a given post. The post will expand and then you can swipe through all posts in that column). “Heart” posts you want to see emphasized. Add your own anonymous posts. Members are also invited to share comments via google form if you do not want to post public comments or want to provide more details. We will leave the padlets and google form open until September 8. 

Next steps after September 8:

  • Export data and review padlets and feedback on google form
  • EC will develop charge letter informed by your comments to guide the work of the national planning committee, program committee, and logistics committee
  • All padlet and survey data will be available to Biennial planning committees 

More information on how to volunteer to join the planning committees is forthcoming.


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