AR/AO Action Plan: Seeking Feedback on Infrastructure and Priority Activities Proposals

Sep 25, 2020

Dear SCRA Community,

In the wake of the grand jury decision regarding the killers of Breonna Taylor, we once again are reminded of the importance of our efforts to address systemic racism and pursue racial healing and collective liberation. As you are able, please review the email below and share your comments to inform efforts to grow our infrastructure and focus the initial scope of work to transform our organization. 

Thank you to the group of committed and thoughtful people who joined us on Tuesday, September 22, for our second Info Session tied to the EC’s Anti-racist, Anti-oppressive (AR/AO) Action Plan. At this meeting we focused on Investing in Sustainable Anti-Racist, Anti-Oppression Organizational Change. The Info Session slides are attached as a pdf. For links to additional background documents, please see this website:

We will be collecting comments until October 12!

To gather feedback and invite member engagement, we used a series of Padlets and created a google form. Padlets are similar to each person writing on digital post-it notes and adding them to a themed column. People were invited to share appreciations, inquiries, and suggestions related to structure and priority activities.

  1. Working Group, Advisory Board, EC, and Consultant Structure
  2. Priority Activities/Scope of Work: 
  3. The google form is a brief survey that includes both closed- and open-ended opportunities to share feedback.

Please review your colleagues' posts on the padlets (note, you can view a series of posts in a column by clicking the three dots in the right hand corner of a given post. The post will expand and then you can swipe through all posts in that column). “Heart” posts you want to see emphasized. On the activities padlet, please use commenting and the five star rating system to indicate the highest priority activities for the first year of work. Add your own anonymous posts.

We will leave the padlets and google form open until October 12. 

Recordings coming! During our recent meeting, we had several discussions and did not cover many of the slides. Therefore, we will be recording a follow up voiceover of the slides for people who are more auditory learners, and we will share that along with the recording from the meeting for anyone interested in observing the discussion we had. Thanks for your patience as we coordinate this follow up recording.

Next steps after October 12:

  • Export data and review padlets and feedback on google form
  • EC will develop the charge letters informed by your comments to guide the work of the consultant, ad hoc hiring committee, working group, and advisory board
  • All padlet and survey data will be available to the consultant(s), advisory board, and working group

Please see the email below and consider applying to join the Organizational Consultant Hiring and Transition Ad Hoc Committee.


Executive Committee

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