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May 22, 2014

Date of Announcement: 22 May 2014

Deadline for Applications: 31 July 2014

Editor-in-Chief Search

Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice

The Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice (GJCPP) is a peer-reviewed journal, developed in partnership with the Community Practice Council, the Society for Community Research and Action, the European Community Psychology Association, and other community psychology practitioners, companies, and professional associations throughout the world. Developed in 2008, and launched in January 2009, the GJCPP has a subscriber base of over 800 individuals, and a regular readership that spans over 100 countries. To date, we published 3 special issues with 137 articles, along with 11 regular issues containing 4 to 5 peer-reviewed articles each, along with tools, videos, book reviews, and reports from the field. Analysis of the web usage logs indicates that the Journal has about 1,450 unique (unduplicated) user sessions per month.

Since its inception, the GJCPP filled a new niche in the scholarship of community psychology, with a focus on the practitioner, technology transfer, and the development of practice-based evidence. The GJCPP publishes authoritative peer reviewed articles and tools of strategic importance to a broad base of professionals engaged in the practice of developing, implementing and evaluating community interventions. The Journal is committed to engaging and expanding the practice community and its broader social impact by offering a new opportunity for community practitioners of a variety of backgrounds and professional affiliations (such as academic, practice, community psychology, and other fields) for collaborative development, to increase skills and to exchange information, ideas and resources. To that end, the Journal has sections that include videos, book reviews and interviews with practitioners in addition to peer-reviewed articles and tools.

The Editor's responsibilities include:

1. Soliciting articles, overseeing the peer review process that includes the involvement of Associate Editors and volunteers;

2. Putting all materials online, using the web site and related resources (e.g., Vimeo, Slideshare, others), and editing submissions in a timely manner;

3. The Editor is responsible for managing an effective editorial board, fundraising and management of an effective online presence;

4. Overseeing marketing and promotions to increase the journal's visibility and readership; and

5. The Editor will work with the Associate Editors and Editorial Board to ensure fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Upon appointment, the new Editor will work with the current lead Editor to ensure a successful transition. A September 2014 start date is anticipated for this five-year appointment. There is no stipend associated with this position. The successful applicant will have an advanced degree in community psychology, or a related field, as well as have a publication track record, and demonstrate a working familiarity with community psychology practice as well as translation of research to practice. Demonstrated experience with the editorial process (as editor, associate editor, or editorial board member) is preferred.

Applications for this editorship must be submitted by 31 July 2014 and include the following materials:

• A two-page letter of intent, including the candidate's vision for the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice (this could include a recommendation for an alternative approach to organization and management of the journal);

• A current curriculum vitae, including a complete list of the applicant's publications and experience;

• A statement from an administrator of the applicant's institution or organization describing support for the appointment (if applicable)

Send application to: editor@gjcpp.org with the subject line - GJCPP Editor Search

For additional information, contact: Vincent T Francisco, PhD Editor, Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice Email: vincent_francisco@uncg.edu, editor@gjcpp.org

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