UCLA HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse and Trauma Training Program (HA-STTP)

May 14, 2014

UCLA HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse and Trauma Training Program (HA-STTP)

The UCLA HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse and Trauma Training Program (HA-STTP) is a collaboration of the Center for Culture, Trauma and Mental Health Disparities (CCTMHD), the UCLA AIDS Institute, the Center for HIV Identification, Prevention and Treatment Services (CHIPTS) and the Nathanson Family Resilience Center (NFRC).

The goal of HA-STTP is to provide multi-disciplinary, state-of-the-art research training in HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, traumatic stress, and health disparities to postdoctoral scholars including postdoctoral fellows, early career clinical researchers and early career faculty. Under the guidance of HA-STTP faculty and mentors, trainees will acquire a broad range of skills necessary to establish career independence, including NIH grant preparation.

This five-year program will select scholars to train at UCLA. Personalized career mentoring, research mentoring, training, and pilot funding will be provided. Potential candidates must have the following:

1) A doctoral degree or have completed their medical residency within the past 7 years;

2) Experience with HIV, substance abuse, trauma, health disparities, and/or bio- and socio-behavioral research;

3) Ability and commitment to attend two week-long training institutes per year (travel and housing are covered); and

4) Clear articulation of research goals and training needs. Applicants from historically black colleges and universities and other minority-serving institutions are encouraged to apply.

Please contact the program co-Directors, Gail E. Wyatt, Ph.D. at gwyatt@mednet.ucla.edu or Norweeta G. Milburn, Ph.D. at nmilburn@mednet.ucla.edu if you have any questions. A copy of the application is available from Louise Datu at LDatu@mednet.ucla.edu. 

This program is funded by a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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