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Call for SCRA Strategic Plan Committee


The strategic planning effort aims to expand and deepen the impact of SCRA. The overarching goal of this process is to reimagine what SCRA can be in order to serve the needs and advance the goals of our members and our field. Our last strategic plan concluded in 2018. The current  strategic planning committee, led by our president Yvette Flores, is seeking new committee members to develop a strategic plan with actionable items.  Committee members will assess the effectiveness of the current strategic plan and assist with developing a new Strategic Plan  aligned with SCRA goals and that specifically addresses the call to action on Anti-Blackness. 

Possible areas for focus in the strategic plan include governance, operations, finance, membership, service, visibility, and culture. This list is not determinative, and the final areas for focus will be developed through the interests, enthusiasm, and creativity of the committee members.


The work of the committee may include examination of various organizational documents such as the most recent Strategic Plan,  Board Self Assessment (2020), Call to Action on Anti-Blackness (2020), Theory of Change (2021), and DEAR (Dialectical Engagement in Anti-Racism) Project Report (2021). The committee may determine that additional data collection and reports may be included in the process. 

SCRA Member Invitation

All SCRA members are encouraged to participate (e.g., students, academics, practitioners, international members and retirees). Subcommittees may emerge from the larger group once an initial overall framework for the Strategic Plan has been developed. 

There will be multiple opportunities for membership to provide feedback. 

The new committee will have its first meeting December 14th 12-2pm EST. 

If you are interested in serving on the committee, please email Yvette Flores ( and Amber Kelly ( with the email heading “Strategic Planning Committee Interest”.  Please share your interest by (November 8th @ 5pm EST).