SCRA Video Contest Past Submissions

Titles and summaries of past SCRA Video Contest submissions. Watch the videos by clicking on their titles. 

2018 SCRA Video Contest Submissions

The Problem Solving Booth

Problem Solving Booths (PSBs) are being developed by new social enterprise, The Owls Organisation, as part of Thrive London: a citywide movement for mental health, supported by the Mayor of London and the London Health Board. PSBs are the hyper local arm of Thrive and give us the opportunity to engage with Londoners at the grass roots, street level. The idea for PSBs came from a young Londoner who had just come out of prison. When asked what would make a difference to the wellbeing of his community, he replied “a problem solving booth right here on my street”. To create a booth, we set up 2 chairs at Camden Lock and took some old pizza boxes with us and wrote ‘problem solving booth’, ‘helper’ and ‘helped’ on three cardboard signs. You can watch the 3-minute film and find out more at Practically speaking, that’s really all a booth is – it’s that simple!

The Problem Solving Booth was the idea of a young person who we met on the streets of Camden, London UK. Problem Solving Booths brings members of the community together to have conversations that they might not usually have, by helping each other with their problems. One chair is for the “Helper”, the person listening to the problems, and the other for the “Helped”, the person describing their concerns. The aim of the Booth, however, is that people swap roles regularly as we all have both the potential to have problems as well as to offer help. To the side of the chairs is a board where people can leave their ideas about other things that could help their communities help themselves. 

Community Psychology for Democracy

Democracy Day was a day-long teach-in that connected students with scholars, professionals, and activists. The purpose was to show students how much access they have to various democratic processes. The event was partially funded by a SCRA Community Mini-Grant. The two panels each include community psychologists using their expertise discuss issues of democracy.

Employment Choice for People with Severe Physical Disabilities

This is the story of a youth with severe physical disabilities who is pursuing his dream of writing and publishing his work.

The Caravan: a Collective Expression in Favor of Children’s Right to Play

This video was develop by El Gran Pez. The video show a community experience call Project Juguemos (Let’s Play), this initiative included a Caravan of kids playing to let the neighborhood know about their right to play. The video show scenes of the Caravan and interviews with children that participate in the project, interviewees also describe their experiences at El Gran Pez cross the year.

Remembering Hurricane Maria

Reflecting on Hurricane Maria one year later, fifth grade students from across Latin America come together at the Fair Haven School in New Haven, Connecticut to share their perspectives on Hurricane Maria and its aftermath in Puerto Rico.

Families Belong Together

Fifth grade students from across Latin America come together at the Fair Haven School in New Haven, Connecticut to share their perspectives on justice for immigrant families.

Environmental Justice, Climate Change, Water Quality

This project is a collaboration between the staff and students of Jakmel Ekspresyon -- a community-based organization in Jacmel, Haiti -- and researchers the University of Cincinnati and Colorado State University. In "Photo and Environment Class," students learn how to use cameras to tell the story of the polluted waters of Jacmel, Haiti and how pollution affects the lives of countless communities that rely on that water. The students also receive a STE(A)M curriculum which includes the effects of climate change, water pollution, and deforestation. Because the local educational system has few labs, we provided water testing kits for experiential learning.

Community Psychology's 40th Anniversary

Laurier alumni, students, and professors reflect on what Community Psychology means to them.

2015 SCRA Video Contest Submissions

Chicagoland Add Us In initiative's The Learning Garden 

Intervention program to help minority high school students with disabilities acquire gainful employment through an internship program model. The program is through the Chicagoland Add Us In (AUI) Initiative at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

Mental Health Impacts of Climate Change: A case study of Toronto, Canada 

This film explores the growing link between global environmental change, psychological and mental health challenges. In a true community psychology fashion, this film pays special attention to the connection between marginalized social status and increased vulnerability to environmental perturbations. Grounded in his research in the "think and do" tank, MaRS Discovery District-Brandon Hey also examines the current state of institutional framings and responses to emerging (climate-induced) psychosocial threats in the city of Toronto, Canada.

Membership and Social Integration: Our Voices 

This video explores the Photovoice pictures and work of students at the University of Florence, Italy, in their communities.

What is Community Psychology?

This video, which explores the essence of community psychology, was created for an undergraduate “Intro to Community Psychology” course taught by Dr. Victoria Scott at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

The Community Tool Box – Tools to Change our World

This video communicates that problems in our communities and in our world can seem overwhelming. However, change is possible. The Community Tool Box is a global online resource that supports people with free tools and resources for their community change efforts. This video seeks to share an empowering message to help people continue – or start – their community change efforts, wherever they may be.

Finding a “Sense of Community” for Waughtown

This video is a combined piece of videos from a group of undergraduate students in the PSY 3321: Introduction to Community Psychology course at Winston-Salem State University. The course project, “Sense of Community,” required to students to enter the Waughtown residential area, interview residents, leaders, etc. and identify the four elements of SOC and a projected vision for the region. This project was shared to community residents at a residential forum to engage residents in forming action teams to develop an implementation plan to address issues within their neighborhood.

The Swampscott Conference in Context: Video Recollections

This video concerns the 1965 Swampscott and 1975 Austin conferences that marked the emergence of the field of community psychology in the U.S. It contains video clips from interviews with 11 early community psychologists and others, describing the development of the field in the US. The video also contains excerpts from a keynote address at the Swampscott conference, and material on the sociopolitical context of US society in the early 1960s. The video content includes interviews with early community psychologists, most videotaped during graduate seminars led by Jim Kelly at the University of Illinois, Chicago. There is an additional interview of Marie Jahoda in London. Additional slides were developed by video editors Jim Dalton and Mo Elia. This video also contains excerpts from Robert Reiff’s keynote address at the Swampscott conference.

Involving Students in Social Action Research

Michigan State University’s partnership with a Washington D.C.-based domestic violence and safe housing program (DASH - District Alliance for Safe Housing) to evaluate a pilot program call the Survivor Resilience Fund (SRF). The SRF provides emergency financial assistance to help survivors address needs which might threaten their permanent housing, help them achieve safety, and gain the support they need to move forward with their lives. The SRF can cover a number of expenses including home security measures, moving costs, legal fees and repairs to damaged property. Providing survivors with financial support such as this can mean the difference between housing stability and life on the streets.The video examines the evaluation of the SRF and looks at the role that MSU undergraduates were able to play in the research and what that came to mean to them and their future trajectories.

2013 SCRA Video Contest Submissions

Promoting Social Change Through Research: The DePaul-Oxford House Collaboration

The Oxford House Organization: Recovery from alcohol/substance use disorders.

Mobile Voice Project

The video provides an overview of the Mobile Voice Project (MVP) and the problem of transportation inequality that MVP seeks to affect.


This video tells the story of urban youth engaging in participatory action research, in partnership with their teachers, to improve teaching and learning at a low-achieving public high school in San Francisco. 

Sort it Out

Sort It Out was made to inform the Western Springs College community about the launch of a new waste management system in the school grounds.

What Housing Means to Me: The Voices of People Living With Mental Illness

People living with mental illness who have experienced homelessness.

Western Springs College Sustainability Showreel 2009

This video was made in the context of a sustainability-themed action research project involving a research team from the School of Psychology at The University of Auckland and a local high school called Western Springs College (WSC). It was made to showcase some initiatives that were part of a wider campaign to improve the school’s waste management systems.

Making It Sane: The Story of a Nonprofit Operated by People with Mental Health Problems

This documentary chronicles the lives of four people with mental health problems, their recovery journeys, and their collaborative operation of a nonprofit called the P.S. Club. 

Planting Healthy Roots: A Look at the Right Choice Fresh Start Farmer's Market

Filming was completed in Orangeburg, a rural, majority minority county in South Carolina. Filming was conducted at the farmers’ market, which is located at Family Health Centers, Inc., as well as at the farms of participating market vendors.

Demand a Respectful Campaign

This video is part of an initiative of the Puerto Rico Psychology Association to impact the electoral process during the election campaign of 2012.

Gumby the Fairy and His Merry Band of Eco-Pixies in the Quest for Sustainability

Gumby the Fairy and his Merry Band of Eco-Pixies, who live in Western Springs park, become very distressed when rubbish floats their way from Western Springs College. They enthusiastically tackle the problem by doing a waste audit and building waste stations. Then make a documentary to spread the word! But fairy power is not all it's cracked up to be. They need some serious help.

Live Oak Stories: The Making of a Mural

Students in the Change 4 Good after-school yPAR program document their mural making process, as part of a yPAR project.

Psychology for a Better World

Using psychology to inspire positive social change. Talk by Niki Harre – includes animations.

Working Together: Collaboration of Eight Community-Based Arts-Informed Research Projects on Homelessness

Collaboration of diverse stakeholders working toward social change; collaboration of eight community-based, arts-informed research projects on homelessness.

2012 SCRA Video Contest Submissions

Better Beginnings, Better Futures

The video focuses on Better Beginnings, Better Futures, a universal, comprehensive, community-based prevention/ promotion program for young children and their families living in disadvantaged communities in Ontario, Canada.

ArtVOICE With Homeless Children

Ten homeless children living in the Richland One School district of South Carolina were given an opportunity to voice their strengths and needs to inform policy makers and stakeholders in the local community.

The Competencies of a Community Psychologist

Video produced in 2009 by students of community psychology (Prof. Alessio Vieno) at the University of Padua.

"My Disability Symbol" Project

Creating a coalition of disability activists through collective art. 

Digital Storytelling: Translating the Photovoice Method into a 21st Century Empowerment Tool

The purpose of this video is to illustrate the photovoice method and the impact of digital storytelling to bring about social change.  This video documents a partnership between UNC-Charlotte and ParentVOICE, a family support and advocacy agency, to implement the photovoice method among youth in Charlotte, N.C. 

Where Psychology Meets Culture

Intersection of psychology and culture.