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Community and Organizational Research for Action (CORA) Program

Degrees Offered: Doctorate, a Master's degree is also offered 


At A Glance

Full-time Faculty: 25+

Full-time Faculty Identifying as Community Psychologists: 3

# of Students Admitted Each Year: 3

Available Student Assistantships: Graduate research and teaching assistantships.

The Program 

Program Alumni Information

The program focuses on training researchers and practitioners. Graduates from the program are typically employed in government, education, healthcare, consulting, nonprofit and/or for-profit sectors. 

The Community Psychology Faculty and Research Interests

The Community and Organizational Research for Action (CORA) focus area within the Department of Psychology is comprised of scholars from multiple disciplines engaged in research to promote equity and social justice. CORA faculty work in partnership with communities, private and public sector organizations, and institutions of higher education, to conduct applied field-based research that promotes positive, transformational change. We believe that by uniting methods and tools from the social sciences with social justice values we can contribute to overcoming disparities and inequities in health, education, workplaces, and other domains.

Research interests of CORA faculty:

  • health disparities
  • STEM education
  • climate change
  • environmental justice
  • women's empowerment
  • refugee integration
  • activism