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Community Social Psychology

Degrees Offered: Master's



At A Glance

Full-time Faculty: 25

Full-time Faculty Identifying as Community Psychologists: 3

# of Students Admitted Each Year: 12

Available Student Assistantships: Graduate Student Assistantships in which students can work with faculty on research, teaching, or community-based projects.

The Program 

Program Alumni Information

The program focuses on training researchers and practitioners. Graduates from the program are typically employed in government, education, and/or the nonprofit sector. 

The Community Psychology Faculty and Research Interests

Some of the pressing social issues that faculty address in their research include:

  • gender-based violence
  • immigration and migration 
  • educational disparities 
  • health disparities 
  • micro-aggressions, bias and discrimination 
  • workplace inequalities 
  • intergroup conflict 
  • poverty

Faculty Features:

Living Community Psychology - Meg Bond, Professor & Director of Center for Women & Work (CWW)