University of Miami - Master's

Department of Educational and Human Development

University of Miami logoM.S.Ed. Community & Social Change Program

Other Community Psychology Degrees: Undergraduate track (BSED)Doctorate

Program Concentrations: Research track


At A Glance

Full-time Faculty: 6

Full-time Faculty Identifying as Community Psychologists: 5

# of Students Admitted Each Year: 15

Available Student Assistantships: Fellowships

The Program

Program Alumni Information

The program focuses on training practitioners. Graduates from the program are typically employed in education and/or the nonprofit sector. 

Community Psychology Faculty and Research Interests

  • immigration
  • community organizations
  • well-being
  • diversity
  • racial identity
  • criminal justice
  • ecology 

RadioActive Podcast Episodes   

Refugees, Migration, Acculturation and Traumatic Stress – Dina Birman

Surfacing and Shifting Power – Scot Evans

What is Community Psychology? – Laura Kohn-Wood

Dismantling the Caricature of “Other” – Ashmeet Oberoi

The Road to You Know Where is Paved with Good Intentions – Ed Tricket