Critical Community Practice


Critical community practice implies a particular vision of society: one grounded in the ideals of social justice, social inclusion, self-determination, solidarity, and collective wellness (Butcher, 2007b; Kagan & Burton 2001; Prilleltensky, 2001; Weil, 1996). Critical community practice is "action based on critical theorizing, reflection, and a clear commitment to working for social justice through empowering and transformative practice" (Henderson, 2007, p. 1). This approach to practice works under the assumption that social transformation is possible when people have a voice, power, and access to resources (Prilleltensky & Nelson, 2002). It is grounded in an understanding that the roots of most community problems lie in patterns of systemic poverty, disadvantage, social exclusion and oppression that are manifestations of structural inequalities and social divisions within society as a whole (Butcher, 2007a). Critical community practice is a radical praxis (Freire 1970) wherein action, research and theory are intertwined in complex ways, and grounded in a deep understanding of the experiences of those who are marginalized, oppressed and distressed (Kagan & Burton, 2001). 

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