Committees and Councils

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Community Psychology Practice Council


To expand the visibility, reach and impact of community psychology practice through opportunities for connection, support and professional development through the Society for Community Research and Action, academic community research and action, graduate programs, other professional organizations and communities.

Co-Chairs: Ramy Barhouche and Hana Shahin

Council on Education


There will be an expanding network of well-trained community psychologists and allied researchers and practitioners around the world.  The mission of the SCRA Council on Education is to support and advocate excellence in education in community research and action.  The major areas of focus for the Council include 1) Information Exchange, 2) Support and Advocacy of Education Programs, and 3) Recognition of Education Programs. 

Chair: Simon CoulombeWilfrid Laurier University

Council on Cultural, Ethnic and Racial Affairs


To represent issues of cultural diversity and promote the concerns of people of color as a focus of community research and intervention; to promote training and professional development of people of color interested in community psychology; to advise the Executive Committee on matters of concern to people of color; and to inform and educate the Executive Committee regarding the implications of decisions as they pertain to people of color. 

Co-Chair: Jesica S. Fernandez,, Santa Clara University

Co-Chair: Dominique Thomas,, University of Michigan

Past-Chair: Geraldine (Geri) Palmer, Adler University and Community Wellness Institute. LLC

Council on Cultural, Ethnic and Racial Affairs Listserv

If you would like to join the CERA listserv just email and request to be added to the group.

Research Council


The mission of the Research Council to support and enhance research and scholarship in community psychology so as to advance future research careers in the field. 

Chair: Chris Keys, DePaul University

Public Policy Council


To encourage two-way communication between community psychologists and policy makers; to encourage collaborative relations with other groups to work on policy activities; to assure that the experiential and empirical knowledge base of community psychology is used to make substantive contributions to contemporary policy debates at the state and federal levels; to create opportunities for training; and to encourage academicians and others who lack policy experiences to familiarize themselves with the policy process through both traditional (classroom) and field-based (internship/externship) training experiences. 

Co-Chairs: August Hoffman & Megan Renner

Gender and Justice Committee


To increase sensitivity to and awareness of women’s issues within the SCRA; to promote training and professional development of women interested in community psychology and increase sensitivity to women’s issues in the workplaces of community psychologists; to identify and encourage feminist perspectives and methods within community psychology; to advise the Executive Committee on matters of concern to women; and to inform and educate the Executive Committee regarding implications of decisions for women and women’s concerns.

Chair: Susie Patterson

To subscribe to the Committee on Women listserve:

  1. Send e-mail to LISTSERV@LISTS.APA.ORG
  2. Leave the subject area blank
  3. In your message area type:  SUBSCRIBE SCRA-W Your_first_name Your_last_name (e.g. Fred Smith)


Interrupting Street Harassment

Campus Sexual Assault in the #MeToo Era: Research, Practice & Action

International Committee


To support and promote communication and interaction among community psychologists and practitioners from all nations, facilitate the dissemination of research and programs developed outside the United States, and foster involvement of community psychologists from around the world in SCRA. 

Chair: Noreen K. Wini Dari

Visibility and Engagement Committee


The mission of the Website and Social Media Committee is to provide SCRA a strong, vibrant and up-to-date presence on the Internet. 

Chair: Jean Hill

If you'd like to engage with SCRA on social media, find us on Twitter or Facebook. You can also use the #CommPsych tag for posts on any platform.