Early Career Interest Group

Overview of ECIG

The purpose of the ECIG is to support early career members from graduate school up to ten years after graduation, working in the academy, in practice, or in academy/practice integration, as community researchers, practitioners, scholars, activists, etc. in community psychology and/or in related fields.

The primary goals of this interest group are to:

  1. Create a socially supportive early career community
  2. Promote the interests, concerns, and opportunities unique to early career individuals
  3. Identify and support opportunities for early career scholars and practitioners to contribute, learn, and hold leadership positions in the ECIG and within the SCRA community
  4. Promote formalized opportunities for recognition of early career professional accomplishments, and social justice and community contributions

Joining & Contributing

To join the ECIG, please subscribe to the ECIG listserv at infoscra@scra27.org and/or attend an ECIG monthly meeting on the first Friday of every month to learn about ways to get involved.

Early Career Listserv

To subscribe the Early Career Interest Group email group, just send an email to infoscra@scra27.org


Chair: Vernita Perkins

Co-Chair: Traci Weinstein