Early Career Interest Group

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February 2023 Monthly Meeting:  Friday, February 3, 2023 at 11am US Pacific

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SCRA Early Career Award

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Overview of ECIG

The purpose of the ECIG is to support early career SCRA members from graduate school students up to ten years after graduation, working in academy, practice, or practice/academy integration, as community researchers, practitioners, scholars, faculty, advocates, and activists, etc. in community psychology and/or related community-focused fields. We also welcome undergraduate students interested in learning future pathways to early career development.

The primary goals of this interest group are to:

  1. Maintain a socially supportive early career community
  2. Support early career professional development through mentorship, research collaborations, professional development offerings, and publication opportunities
  3. Identify opportunities for early career professionals to contribute to ECIG projects, hold ECIG leadership positions, and support the SCRA community
  4. Promote recognition of early career professional accomplishments, social justice advocacy, and community contributions

Joining and Attending

To join the ECIG, please subscribe to the ECIG listserv at infoscra@scra27.org.

The ECIG currently meets once a month, dates and times will vary.

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Writing: Interested in writing collaborations? ECIG hosts a quarterly column in The Community Psychologist
Contributing Author Template 

Research: Interested in sharing your research? ECIG welcomes, along with other Interest Groups, your 1-2 minute videos introducing yourself and summarizing your current or ongoing research.

Leadership: Interested in ECIG leadership? ECIG mentors leaders through the project leadership initiatives in professional development and professional community building (fka networking).

Early Career Listserv

To subscribe the Early Career Interest Group email, just send an email to infoscra@scra27.org.

And follow SCRA on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook for Early Career meetings and events.


Chair: Vernita Perkins, PhD

Co-Chair: Jordan Russell