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RadioActive is an hour long talk show hosted by Natalie Kivell, a Ph.D. candidate in Community Well-Being at the University of Miami. Each week Natalie interviews academics and/or activists from around the world who dive into critical discussions from a Community Psychology lens aimed specifically at addressing structural inequality and the root causes of our complex social problems. Each week the show aims to provoke listeners to think differently about social change and social justice to help shift how we think, act and react to social change efforts in our research and practice.

RadioActive airs every Sunday at 6pm on wvum.org out of the University of Miami student radio station.

These materials could be used to:

  • Teach:  These podcasts can be assigned in addition to or in lieu of readings.
  • Build awareness:  Disseminating information about community psychology
  • Promote dialogue within the field:  On new research and theory development

Latest RadioActive Episodes 

What is Fat Activism? A dialogue about body diversity and weight stigma - Lauren Munro

Release Date: March 23, 2018

L_Munro.jpgIn this episode of RadioActive Lauren Munro, a Ph.D. student at Wilifrid Laurier University, explains what fat activism is and how the social movement challenges stigmas around fatness. Lauren self-describes as a fat woman and discusses how taking back the word "fat" and using it as a neutral descriptor weakens negative connotations. As a researcher, she works to identify social structures that perpetuate notions of fat bodies as being problematic bodies & stereotyping. She also discusses the implications of these attitudes which contribute to and intersect with the objectification of women and bullying among children.

Sexual Violence and Sexual Minority Women - Dr. Tracy Hipp

Release Date: March 9, 2018

THipp.jpgDr. Tracy Hipp is a Community Psychology graduate from Georgia State University has focused her research on developing an understanding of the experiences of sexual violence of non-heterosexual and non gender conforming women through the inclusion of their often excluded voices.

She joined me, Natalie Kivell, to discuss her research and her emerging work on the experiences of bi-sexual women who face an unimaginable rate of 75% experiencing some form of sexual violence. With a dearth of research on this overlooked group of women, Dr. Hipp brought to the forefront the importance of this issue for parents, researchers, all women, and service providers in our communities.


Release Date: February 9, 2018

M.Riemer.jpgOn this episode we’re back in Waterloo, ON to speak with Dr. Manuel Riemer. Manuel is an Associate Professor in the Community Psychology Department at Wilfrid Laurier University and is the Director of the Centre for Community Research, Learning and Action and the Director of the Community, Environment and Justice Research Group.

During this interview Dr. Riemer explains the complexity of the concept of Sustainability and argues for the need for more social science in sustainability research – stating that “we need to breathe air, but we also need to be in community”. Taking real life examples from his role in a court case in Chemical Valley in solidarity with the aamjiwnanng people, and his role as a social scientist in what will be the 1st net positive office building to open in North America he paints a picture of sustainability and environmental justice that has a welcome tinge of optimism.


Visit Dr. Riemer's WLU Faculty page 

Laurier Centre for Community Research, Learning and Action (CCRLA)

Read about the Centre for Sustainability Excellence building: Psychology of Green

Research available online: Fostering Critical Thinking about Climate Change: Applying Community Psychology to an Environmental Education Project with Youth

If you would like to learn about the work of SCRA's Environmental Justice Interest Group, please contact us at scrainfo@scra27.org .

Narratives of Resistance - Dr. Ciann Wilson

Release date: January 26, 2018



On this episode of RadioActive Natalie took the show on tour to Waterloo, Ontario where she interviewed Dr. Ciann Wilson, Assistant Professor of Community Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University. In this interview Dr. Wilson discussed her recent co-written article: "Narratives of resistance: Retelling the story of HIV/AIDS movement - Because the Lives and Legacies of Black, Indigenous and People of Color Communities Depend on it." 

There are communities facing risk of genocidal impact due to HIV/AIDS including black men, and indigenous communities, who are largely ignored or delegitimized in their experiences and differential health outcomes. Dr. Wilson's work highlights the need to reclaim narratives of resistance by immigrants, communities of colour and indigenous communities.


Read the article: Narratives of resistance: (Re) Telling the story of the HIV/AIDS movement – Because the lives and legacies of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities depend on it

Learn about the work of SCRA's Council on Cultural, Ethnic and Racial Affairs (CERA) members and how you can get involved!

MLKJ Day Special Episode - Allana Zuckerman and Dr. Dominique Thomas

Release Date: January 15th, 2018



In this special episode of RadioActive, Dr. Dominique Thomas and Allana Zuckerman join Natalie to talk about the upcoming Black Lives Matter special issue of the journal, Community Psychology in a Global Perspective. They discuss the conversations and conference sessions where the need for empirical and narrative research about and with the BLM movement became evident, while digging into the question - Do Black Scholars Matter in Community Psychology. From two emerging scholars, this interview provides both critique and a vision for the future for the role of black scholarship, black scholars and lessons from and catalyzing for black social movements.


About Dr. Thomas: You can find links to Dr. Thomas's research articles and blog by scrolling down to the previous episode. 

Click here for research from Allana Zuckerman.

Learn about the work of SCRA's Council on Cultural, Ethnic, and Racial Affairs (CERA) members and how you can get involved!

Tackling Campus Racial Climate and Institutional Racism - Dr. Dominique Thomas (@DThomasPhD)

Release Date: January 12, 2018


For this episode of RadioActive Natalie took a stop over in Atlanta, Georgia to interview Dr. Dominique Thomas about his recent research on campus racial climate for African American Students. His research looks to better understand the phenomena of racial climate in order to better tackle issues of institutional racism in higher education. As always, he is a fountain of knowledge and backs it up with his interesting and innovative research.


Dr. Thomas's blog: thedreadedone.com

Research Articles from Dr. Thomas:

Black Scholars Matter: Development and Validation of a Campus Racial Climate Measure for African American College Students

Expectations of Educational Success as a Mediator Between Racial Discrimination and College GPA

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