Check here to contact the current members of the SCRA Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee is currently made up of 20 members: 12 elected, 5 ex-officio members appointed by the members of our councils (COE, Practice, CERA, Policy and Research), and 3 ex-officio members who are EC members as part of their duties in other positions (the editor of AJCP, the editor of TCP, and the chair of the Publications Committee). All EC members have full voting rights.

All of the elected position serve 3-year terms, except for the Student Representatives who serve 2-year terms. The terms of the representatives from our councils are up to the members of those councils. The terms of the editors of AJCP and TCP are determined by their contracts. The chair of the Publications Committee generally serves a 3-year term. 

All of the EC members are volunteers with no compensation, with the exception of the editors of AJCP and TCP, both which receive a stipend for their editorial offices. Those funds may include a stipend for the editor(s) in addition to paying for other costs associated with their editorial offices. The exact use of those funds is specified in their contracts.

In addition to the volunteers on the EC, SCRA employs two part-time consultants, one in the position of Executive Director and one in the position of Outreach Communications Specialist. 


(elected by the full membership)

Bianca Guzman

Bianca L Guzman, California State University, Los Angels (term 8/20 to 8/21)

I am committed to community psychology because I consider myself a psychologist with a social justice purpose. SCRA is my professional career home. I believe in the values of community psychology especially the idea that creating social justice and equity in any arena is the role of a community psychologist. I have been a member of SCRA since I was a doctoral student at Michigan State University. Over my 25 year tenure, I have served as a member-at large, chair to the Committee on Women, a Minority Representative to the SCRA Executive Council and I am an active member of the Counsel of Ethnic and Racial Affairs. In 2018 I received the Ethnic Minority Mentoring Award. I also have participated in APA’s Ad Hoc Committee on Psychology and AIDS (COPA) representing the voice of community psychology and health in ethnic minority populations. I have been involved in APA Division 35: Society for the Psychology of Women—serving as president of section III- Latina women. In all these roles I have considered myself to be the voice of community psychology. I am currently the director of the Pathways Program Office and a professor of Chicana/o Latina/o Studies at Cal State LA where on a daily basis I use community psychology principles to conduct all the work that I do. As president, 


(elected by the full membership)

Susan Wolfe

Susan M. Wolfe, Susan Wolfe and Associates, LLC (term 8/20-8/21)

I am a community consultant at Susan Wolfe and Associates, LLC in Cedar Hill, TX. In my work I apply community psychology methods and competencies to conduct evaluations of programs and systems, develop and evaluate community collaboratives, and promote health and educational equity and social justice. I have been a member of SCRA since 1986 when I started graduate school at Michigan State University. I have served SCRA in various ways that include chairing the Committee for Women, editing TCP, and serving as Member at Large for APA programming. I’m excited about serving as President-elect and working with the Executive Committee, SCRA Councils and Committees, and SCRA membership to continue to grow and strengthen SCRA and make it a more inclusive organization.


(elected by the full membership)

This position is currently open. 


(elected by the full membership)

Lauren Lichty

Lauren Lichty, University of Washington Bothell (term 8/16 to 8/22)

I am delighted to be considered for Secretary of SCRA. I am committed to SCRA’s values and principles, and would be honored to support the Society becoming more inclusive, supportive, and impactful through this role. After transitioning from well-networked Midwestern undergraduate/graduate CP programs, I observed the under-valuing and under-representation of CP practitioners at primarily-undergraduate institutions. To build connections and learn more, I served as the Western Regional Coordinator and co-chaired the regional SCRA Conference with Charles Collins at University of Washington Bothell (UWB). I co-founded and co-chair the Community Psychology Practice in Undergraduate Settings Interest Group with Jen Wallin-Ruschman. I co-edited a two-volume Special Issue of the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice dedicated to undergraduate CP practice with Eylin Palamaro-Munsell and Jen Wallin-Ruschman. I am committed to creating new space for undergraduate-focused CP practitioners to find support, share their work, and promote equitable access to SCRA for all CP practitioners. I recently received tenure at UWB where I serve as the co-chair of the Committee Against Sexual and Relationship Violence. I am a Faculty Fellow in the UW Wellness for Living and Learning Initiative and am co-planning an all-campus retreat Fierce Compassion: Contemplative Practices for Nurturing Social and Environmental Justice. I regularly teach courses in CP and gender, women and sexuality studies that center applied projects to address student-identified needs. I am committed to facilitating collaborative, action-oriented interdisciplinary settings that promote co-learning, supportive relationship building, and socially-just organizational development. I welcome the opportunity to serve as SCRA Secretary.


(elected by the full membership)

James Cook

Jim Cook, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (term 8/18 to 8/21)

As Treasurer, I help to structure and have primary responsibility for administering the budget and finances for SCRA. This includes tracking and accounting for all expenses and revenues and reporting these data to the Executive Committee and SCRA membership. SCRA also holds significant financial assets and I monitor the investments we have made through our financial advisory company and help guide the investment strategy.


(elected by Division 27 members who are also full members of APA)

Dina Birman

Dina Birman, University of Miami (term 8/17-8/20)

As member of the Council of Representatives of the American Psychological Association, I represent Division 27 and SCRA within APA. The Council of Representatives is the legislative body of APA and has full power and authority over the affairs and funds of the association, including APA boards, committees, divisions and affiliated organizations. Council is composed of representatives of divisions, representatives of state, provincial and territorial psychological associations (SPTAs) and the members of the Board of Directors. As your representative I participate in APA Council meetings twice a year, vote on matters before the APA, and promote and support initiatives of interest to SCRA. I also participate in the group “Divisions for Social Justice,” and several social justice-oriented caucuses. I welcome your emails with any questions or suggestions about how I can better serve the division in this role.


(elected by the full membership)

Noe_Chavez_1_of_1.jpgNoé Rubén Chávez, (Membership & Awards) Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (term 8/18-8/21)

I am an Assistant Professor of Community Mental Health at Charles R. Drew University, in Los Angeles. My research and teaching are shaped by my bicultural identity and experiences growing up at the border region of Juarez, México-El Paso, TX. I collaborate with other scholars, students, healthcare professionals, and community activists in conducting work promoting health equity. In particular, my interests are in youth empowerment, community-based participatory research, and capacity building for health prevention/promotion. I am honored to contribute to the mission of SCRA in my role as Member-at-Large, specifically to support equity and inclusion for our members.


Ashmeet Oberoi

Ashmeet  K  Oberoi, University of Miami (term 8/19-8/22)

I serve as a Member at Large and work to support and develop SCRA (Division 27) programming for APA Conventions. In order to do so, I connect with other MALs, the SCRA Executive Committee, and the SCRA Professional Development Committee. I look forward to building connections with related divisions to promote joint-listing of our programming. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice (Clinical Line) and the Director of the Community & Social Change Master’s Program in the School of Education and Human Development at University of Miami. I received my Ph.D. in Community and Prevention Research from University of Illinois at Chicago. My research focuses on examining how socio-cultural and contextual factors affect wellbeing of refugee and immigrant youth. To overcome inequities in minority communities, I engage in education; community-engaged research and evaluation; collaboration and civic work around social justice issues. 

Serdar M. Değirmencioğlu

Serdar M. Degirmencioglu FernUniversität (term 8/20-8/23) 

I am currently a Visiting Scholar in the Community Psychology Program at FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany. Beginning in mid-2021, I will be a Philipp Schwartz Fellow at Goethe University Frankfurt. I hold visiting positions because my 20-year academic career in Turkey was terminated in 2016 for having signed a peace manifesto: I was fired and banned from public service for life. Inspired by critical and action-oriented approaches in psychology and education, I have produced several ground-breaking books and also an award-winning documentary focused on neglected yet burning issues. On Sundays I write for a newspaper in Turkey to promote children’s rights and well-being. I served as president in the European Community Psychology Association and in the Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict, and Violence: Peace Psychology. I am currently book editor for the Journal of Community Psychology.


(elected by the student membership)

Camilla CummingsCamilla Cummings, DePaul University (term 8/19-8/21)

I am a fourth-year doctoral candidate in the Clinical-Community Psychology program at DePaul University in Chicago. My research interests include housing interventions for individuals currently or at-risk of experiencing homelessness, policies and systems that serve homeless persons, and equity issues within housing and homelessness. My clinical work focuses on treatment and recovery interventions for individuals with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and co-occurring alcohol or substance use disorders. My goals as a Student Representative are to support students through student research grants (i.e., thesis and dissertation grants) and travel awards, advocate for student priorities on the Division 27 Executive Committee, and expand the visibility of community psychology through the use of social media. Please feel free to reach out with comments, questions, or to simply connect!

Jessica Saucedo

Jessica Saucedo, Michigan State University

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Ecological/Community Psychology at Michigan State University, and I completed my undergraduate studies in Psychology at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. My research interests broadly include addressing community-identified health disparities among American Indian, Indigenous, and Latinx communities through prevention, intervention, and evaluation. My goals as a student representative are to increase the visibility of community psychology among undergraduate students, amplify undergraduate and graduate student priorities, assist in creating a stronger SCRA student community, and work towards establishing a sustainable, positive racial climate within SCRA. It is of utmost importance for both Camilla and I to hear from students, so please feel free to connect with one of us. We are here to listen to students’ ideas, concerns, comments, and questions!


(elected by the full membership)

Tonya Hall photo

Tonya Hall


(Ex-officio members represent a specific office rather than being appointed by a vote of the membership. Representatives from Councils are selected by the membership of that Council. Ex-officio members are full voting members of the EC)

Editor of The American Journal of Community Psychology, Nicole Allen, University of Illinois 

allen_nicole.jpgAs Editor of the American Journal of Community Psychology (AJCP), I manage journal editorial operations on behalf of SCRA, the owner of the journal. I do this with the support of the AJCP Editorial Assistant, Associate Editors, Editorial Board and Reviewers. Most of my time is spent reviewing and managing submissions; identifying and communicating with reviewers about their service to the journal; communicating with authors about their submissions; and discussing submissions for special issues. I report on journal operations to the SCRA Executive Committee and to the Publications Committee, and work with the publisher to discuss issues as they arise or pursue new opportunities (e.g., the development of an AJCP app). Finally, I communicate with prospective authors and SCRA members through email and via phone calls or virtual conferences as needed. For example, sometimes authors reach out to ask about the viability of a current study for publication in the journal or to discuss an idea they have for a special issue. I am happy to consult and encourage you to be in touch. In the tradition of my predecessor, I will offer conference presentations regarding AJCP operations to encourage accessibility and transparency and greater involvement in AJCP for potential authors or reviewers.      

Editor of The Community Psychologist, Susan Wolfe, Susan Wolfe and Associates

The Community Psychologist is the national newsletter for the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA). The TCP includes columns, articles, features, letters to the Editor, and announcements relevant to the membership of SCRA. As co-editors, our primary responsibility is to produce four issues of The Community Psychologist (TCP) each year. For each issue, we engage in regular correspondence with the production editor, TCP column editors, contributors from the SCRA membership, and contributors from other disciplines. We also serve as members of the SCRA Executive Committee and the Publications Committee.


Chair of the SCRA Council of Education Programs, Mason HaberHarvard Medical School

Haber_COE_COVID-style_picture.jpgI currently serve as Director of Evaluation at Judge Baker Children’s Center, a provider of special education and child mental health evaluation, training, technical assistance, and services affiliated with Harvard Medical School. As Chair of the Council on Education (COE), I coordinate COE activities to support education and training in community research and action through undergraduate and graduate programs in community psychology as well as other types of training and professional development programs. In the past several years, the COE has sought to build its capacity and further its mission through a variety of activities including a “visioning” session at the most recent SCRA Biennial and efforts to develop a theory of change. In the upcoming year, we plan to focus our efforts on contributing to SCRA’s action plan to promote racial justice in our organization and beyond. We will also be planning the next iteration of our Survey of Graduate Training in Community Psychology. The COE is open to any and all SCRA members with an interest in promoting excellence in community research and action education. If you are interested in contributing to our efforts, please join us for our monthly meetings, or contact me directly at mhaber@jbcc.harvard.edu.


Judah Viola

Chair of the Publications Committee, Judah Viola, National Louis University

I am an Associate Professor at National Louis University supporting our Community Psychology PhD program.  I have previously served as chair of the SCRA Policy committee and been a member of the council of education programs.  I have also co-edited on of the books in the SCRA book series. In my role as Publications committee chair I will work with the committee to identify, encourage, implement, and oversee effective ways of disseminating information about community research and action. Our committee works closely with the editors of all of SCRA’s publications, including our TCP newsletter, the SCRA book series published by Oxford University Press, and the American Journal of Community Psychology.


Kyrah BrownRepresentative from the Community Psychology Practice Council, Kyrah Brown

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology’s public health program at the University of Texas at Arlington. I use my community psychology skills to work closely with local community groups and coalitions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to address racial inequities in maternal and infant health.

I am delighted to serve as the Executive Committee Representative for the Community Psychology Practice Council. I have experience working in both practice and academia; and during my tenure in SCRA, I have held several leadership positions as Practice Council Co-Chair, Practice Mini-Grants Administrator, and Dissertation and Practice Awards committees. The mission of the Practice Council is to expand the visibility, reach, and impact of community psychology practice through opportunities for connection, support, and professional development through the Society for Community Research and Action, academic community research and action, graduate programs, and other professional organizations and communities. I am committed to working to advance the mission of SCRA by voicing the needs and interests of practitioners as well as SCRA members who identify with underrepresented groups.

Dominique_Thomas.jpgRepresentative from the Council on Cultural, Ethnic and Racial Affairs, Dominique Thomas

Dominique Thomas is a Scholarship to Practice Fellow in the National Center for Institutional Diversity at the University of Michigan. He attained his PhD in community psychology from Georgia State University. He is also Chair of the Council for Cultural, Ethnic, and Racial Affairs and associate editor of The Community Psychologist. His research interests are Black sociopolitical development in response to colonial structures: racial identity, racial socialization, civic engagement an activism, campus racial climate, and Afrofuturism.

Representative from the Research Council, Chris Keys, DePaul University

Chris_Keys_picture_2013.jpgAs Chair of the SCRA Research Council, I work with diverse Research Council Members to support and enhance research and scholarship in community psychology so as to advance future research careers in the field. The Research Council currently is focusing on identifying effective ways to help young community psychology scientists become successful contributors to theory and research in community psychology. The Council grew out of the SCRA strategic planning process in 2016 and was established  in 2017. Presently,  the Council is developing specific approaches to enact the mission stated above. As it matures the SCRA Research Council anticipates it will be seeking to provide funding for community psychological research, to offer research mentoring and networking opportunities  to young community psychology investigators, to coordinate and support research activities across SCRA, and to integrate research with practice and education in community psychology. In all these activities core values of community psychology such as social justice and diversity will guide our efforts to support and enhance community scholarship. Please feel free to be in touch if you have any questions about the SCRA Research Council, its plans and activities.

Representative from the Public Policy Council, Jaimelee Mikalski

SCRA Administrative Staff


 Jean HillJean Hill jeanhill@scra27.org

As Executive Director, I work closely with our staff and the Executive Committee to oversee the operations and strategic priorities of SCRA. I also have the pleasure of working with an array of SCRA’s members and other professional organizations to fulfill our vision for enhancing well-being and promoting social justice. Given that we are a 99% volunteer-run organization, I rely heavily on members (such as you!) to help make SCRA the best membership organization that it can be. Please reach out to me and share your interests, ideas, suggestions, and experiences.


Ashley.pngAshley Simons-Rudolph ashleysimonsrudolph@scra27.org

As Outreach Communications Specialist, I serve as a catalyst to bring SCRA resources to greater public attention.  I have a background in community psychology as well as non-profit and community based advocacy.  I look forward to working with you to help promote your research and community involvement both within and outside of SCRA through press releases, e-newsletters, webinars, videos, social media and more!