Volume 55, Number 3 Summer 2022

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Reading Circle

Edited by Dominique Thomas, Morehouse College and Allana Zuckerman

To encourage an ongoing dialogue with each other about what we are reading and how those readings are influencing our work, we are starting a reading circle and recommended reading list. Each issue we will share resources that have influenced our work and provide a space for additional submissions. This is a space for people to share what they are reading so we can get an idea of the different knowledge bases people are exposed to and what is influencing their research and practice. This is also a way for us to share information and knowledge across a variety of topics to showcase and enhance the richness of thought within the field.

In honor of Dr. Ed Trickett, we’re sharing a selection of his publications for you to explore just a small subset of his work.


Gruber, J., & Trickett, E. J. (1987). Can we empower others? The paradox of empowerment in the governing of an alternative public school. American Journal of Community Psychology, 15(3), 353-371.

Trickett, E. J. (1994). Human diversity and community psychology: Where ecology and empowerment meet. American journal of community psychology, 22(4), 583.

Trickett, E. J. (2011). Community-based participatory research as worldview or instrumental strategy: is it lost in translation (al) research?. American Journal of Public Health, 101(8), 1353-1355.

Trickett, E. J., Watts, R., & Birman, D. (1993). Human diversity and community psychology: Still hazy after all these years. Journal of Community Psychology, 21(4), 264-279.